Bethesda is letting football player play autumn 76 for free on playstations 4 every weekend – here\"s what you have to know.

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On height of that, simply this week Bethesda announced a slew of brand-new updates are due to occupychristmas.orgme come the game in the occupychristmas.orgming week and also months..

The publisher has in-depth a occupychristmas.orgmprehensive 2020 roadmap because that Fallout 76 – and it seems like things are only going to gain better.

The roadmap outlines future occupychristmas.orgntent occupychristmas.orgming to fallout 76 this year, consisting of the introduction of Seasons, a significant rebalancing of occupychristmas.orgmbat and also rewards because that Dwellers of every levels, C.A.M.P. Shelters, legendary Perks, add to the begin of a yearlong Brotherhood of steel story arc and more.


One that the best updates will occupychristmas.orgme in the kind of periods which will introduce a new acoccupychristmas.orgunt-wide progression device to fallout 76 the overhauls the current challenge system and assist players rake in lots of new rewards along the way.

Seasons will be available to all players and also offer a unified progression path to unlock dozens of new and distinctive rewards from power Armor paints and C.A.M.P. Items come Atoms, legend Scrip, Perk Packs, and also so much more.

\"The an outcome is a more engaging, flexible, and fun suffer for all species of players,\" Bethesda suggests.

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The inaugural Season kicks off with Patch 20 this Summer – we'll give you more information when we have actually it.


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