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If you expect for adjusting Natures, then yes. All abilities that have the right to occupational in the area still occupational if the Pokemon with them is fainted.

yes bereason of the eon flute, fly is kinda useless in these games, unless you want to take a trip cities slightly faster
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Fly is a lot even more convenient than shuffling through your bag. It"s better as soon as you"re running errands roughly the region prefer visiting Secret Bases.
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fly is better for acquiring to locations faster and also trick base visit sweeping.... eon flute is just convenient so that you dont need to carry a pokemon with Fly HM....
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eon flute lets you offer up having actually a pokemon through fly, through the downside that it takes even more time to reach your destination. soaring is fun at first, yet if you have to move the whole area for trick bases or various other factors, it would certainly take unbearably lengthy to soar to each area. also you cant perhaps be stranded as lengthy as youre external, simply soar to the nearemainder tvery own.

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