I am a chemist by profession and also I have actually been making YouTube videos of my dogs as lengthy as I"ve had actually them in my life. Some videos have come to be even more famous than others, however nothing to the extent of our chemistry video. I actually obtained the principle to execute a video clip prefer this bereason of my sister. She teaches science for 7th and also 8th graders. She would display dog trick videos of Paige and also Dexter in her course on occasion for great habits and the students loved it! I assumed of the chemical bonding idea, had actually a totally free Sunday afternoon, and also decided to put it together for fun. What I really love around making videos prefer these is the capability to recurrent that I am and exactly how a lot I treasure my animals.

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I got Paige as a puppy once she was only 10 weeks old. I discovered her on a classified ad from a local border collie breeder. She is my first dog! I quickly realized I had actually a strong interest in dog training, somepoint I never realized until I gained her. Dexter is a two year old combined breed whom I acquired from an company that rescues dogs from high kill shelters in a room outside West Tennesview. They transport the dogs they rescue up the East Coast to the New England also location wbelow tbelow are not only more residences, but these areas have actually even more widespread companion pet regulations, licensing and education and learning encouraging spaying/ neutering. They make a couple of stops along the means and also one was in the DC area. That"s once I first met him!

People assumed I was crazy for getting a border collie, one of the the majority of intense, highly-thrust, physically and intellectually demanding breeds. But it couldn"t have actually turned out even more perfect. I spfinish a lot of, if not all, of my totally free time training Paige and also Dexter, participating in dog sporting activities, attfinishing various classes, contending in reflects, doing declaring work prefer commercials and print and also the list goes on and on. There’s nothing I love even more than being through my dogs and also strengthening our bond via all the fun tasks we do...consisting of making YouTube videos!

I train both my dogs through the usage of a clicker and positive rewards.

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Clicker training is a way of training animals in which a desirable actions is noted via a click and also then reinforced (through food, toys, praise, or environment), making the habits more likely to take place later on. It not only is a means to teach your dog a cool trick, but it also facilitates a positive, trusting connection between human and also dog and provides the dog more self-confidence.

“Dogs teach chemistry” will certainly lead you to the YouTube video(1.5 minutes) or on the Snuggly Puppy webwebsite.