After breastern augmentation, a deformity might occur which is commonly called “double-bubble.” This term describes a condition in which a crease has occurred throughout the lower part of the augmented breast creating 2 distinct breastern mounds, hence the term “double-bubble.” This unattractive outcome is often regarded poor breastern implant placement in the time of breast augmentation.

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Double-bubble regularly occurs as an outcome of the previous inframammary fold (breastern crease) indenting the reduced area of the breastern following breastern augmentation. It is common in patients with constricted (tighter) lower breasts, those with extremely sharply defined herbal breast creases, and those via a shorter nipple to breastern fold distance. In these situations, the deformity becomes noticeable as the breast implant is as well big and exhas a tendency below the organic breast fold.

Breast conditions that can cause double-bubble

Several of the more widespread breastern problems that can cause double-bubble include:

Tuberous breastsImplants placed too highImplants as well huge for body sizeExcessive scarringCapsular contractureExcessive scarring

Double-bubble breasts after augmentation have the right to be reresolved.

Anvarious other common reason of double-bubble is as soon as the breast implant remains in a high or also normal position, yet the breastern tissue and also nipple sags downward. This can be seen in patients with sub-pectdental (beneath the muscles) implants or who have comprehensive scarring causing capsular contracture that holds the implant up while the natural breast tissue descends. This deserve to take place automatically after surgical treatment or over time as an outcome of pregnancy, weight change, or gravity.

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How carry out you correct “double-bubble” breasts?

To correct double-bubble breasts, the treatment will certainly be based upon exactly how it arisen, and the level of the severity of the difficulty. While some mild cases might improve without surgical procedure, many will certainly require surgical correction.

In situations wright here the previous inframammary fold indents the reduced breastern, surgery is often perdeveloped to revise the breast pocket and also revise the breastern fold.

Some situations benefit from transforming from sub-pectoral (beneath muscle) to sub-glandular (beneath breast tissue) implant place or by transforming implant dimension. In situations wright here the breast tissue has drifted off the breastern implant, a breastern lift (mastopexy) may be compelled. If capsular contracture is responsible for the deformity, a capsulectomy (surgical removal of svehicle tworry around the implant) and also breastern implant exchange may be the finest approach to settle the trouble.

Double-bubble breasts – you don’t need to live via it.

Just like many breastern deformity cases, double-bubble correction is a difficult, yet very rewarding type of revision breast surgical treatment percreated commonly by Dr. Mohan. The first action is a personal consultation, so the problem have the right to be evaluated to recognize what must be done to correct your breasts and regain a herbal, plump, rounded look.

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Dr. Mohan is one of the world’s many respected authorities on breast augmentation, having percreated many breast augmentation procedures.

Dr. Mohan"s meticulous method to surgically correcting double-bubble breasts have the right to finally carry you relief from this embarrassing condition. At her exclusive exercise in Houston, mean a world-class experience, and beautiful outcomes, and also a speedy recoincredibly.

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