News of 61st Awards winner Drake"s 2019 return to Wynn"s XS Nightclub for five more shows was confirmed on Feb. 28 with the first two scheduled for May 4 and 18 after the superstar concludes his Assassination Vacation Tour in Europe.

After performing at the XS Nightclub on Jan. 10, Drake, who won his fourth award when "God"s Plan" won Best Rap Song at the 61st Awards, enthusiastically Instagram-ed the message "new home." "I"ll be back here at XS all year," Drake called out during the set. "You"ll have a lotta chances to see me."

While the first two are coming in May, the subsequent three are not yet announced, and Wynn Las Vegas wants it understood that Drake"s performances in its medium-size venue are about more than their rumored $2-million-apiece price tag.

These nights at #XSLasVegas