Early in American Assassin, young Mitch Rapplication (Dylan O"Brien) wakes up strung out with a mop of hair and also beard as he recovers from the death of his fiancee at the hands of terrorists.

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O"Brien had actually an expertise of this emotional state, as he had actually simply get over a serious head injury on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure when he was thrown from the harness of a relocating car during a stunt.

Before shooting Assassin, O"Brien, 26, remained in that psychological headarea and also had grvery own his very own recovery-beard. It was a look and attitude O"Brien kept to play young assassin Mitch Rapplication.

"At first I was told not to shave bereason of the surgery. I couldn’t shave my confront for a great six-to-eight weeks," says O"Brien. "But after that, it was me not letting go of my beard and hair. The beard, in a means, was something for me to hide behind. I realize looking earlier. And I think that’s why I didn’t desire to shave actually. Nor did I care. It was such a swirl of factors, I guess."

O"Brien says he was angry at times and depressed during the recovery, not sure of whether he would certainly totally be ago to his old self.

"You’re in such strenuous mental location. All the time. You really simply don’t ever think about taking yourself out to (expletive) SuperCuts. That’s just the fact of it," claims O"Brien. "And so as months went by, my beard gained much longer, my hair obtained longer."

O"Brien determined to tap into the emotional state for his Rapplication, also letting his director Michael Cuesta recognize he was maintaining the hair and also beard.

 "I started seeing this guy (Rapp) in the mirror. It was favor holy (expletive)," says O"Brien. "I told Cuesta, "I’m going to send you a couple of photos of myself. Tell me what you think of this look."

Cuesta claims the initially Assassin scene he shot via O"Brien featured Rapp handling his emotional ordeal.

"It was the one where Rapp wakes up out of that trauma," says Cuesta. "And seeing him all sweaty. You know he has been living through this thing for 18 months."

The director knew that O"Brien was tapping into this edge.

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"The initially day I filmed through him it was prefer, I know that this is going to really occupational," says Cuesta.


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