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Introducin (E-40) the almighty, 7-0-7(Rick Rock, The Federation) We in the buildin, WAHHHH!Go go go go go go go go go, hey, hey(Go difficult.. go hard.. go difficult.. go hard)Ooh! Verbal vomit, I keep it one-hundred (one-hundred)Dr. Scrill yet you have the right to call me E-bonics (Ebonics)Sidemirrors goin nutty dumbin outTake the wrong rotate and also get your roof stomped out (roof stomped out)Old institution vans doors open up, me and also my crew(uh)We some stoners we acquire high prefer Shaggy from Scooby Doo (Shaggy!)I'm whiskeyed, I'm hit, I ain't go no patiencePimp and also I'm a pair of tacos short of a mix (uhhh)Get on yo' head like a shower from the gravelWbelow them scandalous dope deals be goin sourRecount, swivel, Gold Medal FlourWant the quick quarter, fuck a sluggish nickel, 6 bucks an hour ($6 an hour?)From the rooter to the tooter he's the driver, I'm the shooterDon't be fuckin via my Gouda (via my gouda)Ballergasms, side pots, and trill phonesSidekicks and also ringtones ​*T-Mobile ring*​ go difficult or go house (go home)Go tough or go home, go difficult ​*repeat 7X*​Go difficult or go home
From the womb to the moon I-coon prefer eyes bruiseMy goons take no detainees, what fool?What's beef? -- Beef is once E-40 own a Fat BurgerSwing 'em in the drive-via, smaburned get furtherCattin' off, if you from the Yay, that's NorthOpen up the do's, go (go) four on lowParvo, he's sick, monkey on my backPsychos all on milk, won't let me goDvery own my throat, yes (yes), cuz (cuz), buzz (buzz)What (what), I (I), go (go), numb (numb)Slap hoes like Droop beatsPut in thumb, run it back prefer Rick on the MCOMPUTER - go hard(Like I did it, originally)We jumpin on the top of your scrape-ella deuceThree or four niggas tryin to cave in your roofLittle purple, cuss favor a sailorHammer on my waist, Tim the Toolguy TaylorGet well-off, hate bein po'Cause my bitch keep askin for juicy coutureIn the club, you know we strapped upMy white tee shirt look prefer coke wrapped upForces and jeans, can't wear slacksGot great hair, no wave capSo block, standin on the curbSame niggas with me I been knowin since the 3rdTryin to gain it, sucks bein bummy("Never shoulda gave you niggas money!" - Dave Chappelle)

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Bop B's, cross T's, drop H'sGrind more than Haitians or JamaicansAin't around money then ain't obtained patienceDon't lug money then don't have relationships (what else?)Some favor Hannibal, I'm a mammalHang through primates like Mike and also EmmanuelChange the channel, rearselection panelsOh-seven favor the perm on caviYour bitch babby, she don't lug pattiesShe can't ride shotgun in the Brougham CaddyPlaced my nigga in, let him campaignIf you don't reduced him off like Jay did Dame (I go hard)Sick Wid It