“I think the servants simply nod and also say "si" at this allude. That"s what I do." -- Susanlynn“I desire Alexa to readjust the creating of this display." -- dondi356
Magda confides inSara that she"s suggested to Mario that perhaps they deserve to take into consideration adopting,though he didn"t seem too keen on the idea.Sara tells her to chill out, maybe she"s misknowledge Mario"snon-reaction to the idea. Sara tellsMagda around Benny"s slow-moving development. Magdawonders if Clara will certainly be able to take care of the financial strain of his treatment andmedications. Sara tells her that Clarais receiving assistance from a loved one.

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At the clinic Bennyis not very happy via his lying mom.He wants to recognize why she lied to Lucia and wright here she"s acquiring the moneyto pay for his treatment. Clara admitsshe lied yet for a great factor. Bennytells his mom he does not desire her doing negative things to gain the money, he"dfairly remain the way he is.
Amador tells Marcelohe"s not the leastern little scared of his counter case yet Marcelo claims you better be bereason I"mcoming for you and also whatever you"re hiding will certainly come out. Amadiva tosses him out of his office andMarcelo states certain thing, but I"m right here to stay!After he leaves, Amadiva is stressed and pressed! Nazario on the various other hand is happy to seehis friend back and also wishes he could"ve been a fly on the wall to watch Amadiva"schallenge gain cracked. He simply wonders whyRebecca"s name was left off the counter case.Marcelo states he"s acquired a separate box of bitch-imma-pay-you-ago comingusing amazon prime just for her. He thinksshe"s currently obtaining a taste of karma and also tells Naz that sNora found out abouther mother"s affair with Fede that resulted in his suicide. Harsh claims Naz. Lucia sees her boo is back at the fabricaand is muy feliz! Naz leaves the two tosmooch it out while he goes to let Lalo and also the workers recognize the excellent news.
On the other hand Amadivatells Rebecca the poor news and also she"s muy mad!She tells Amadiva in no unparticular terms that he"s a faitempt. He was intended to acquire another attorney, butAmadiva states the guy hasn"t called him earlier in two weeks. Rebecca states she"s going to take care of it frombelow on out. Amadiva apologizes andtries to make a pointer, but Rebe tosses him out. He asks IgNormita where Rod is and also she tellshim he didn"t concerned work-related. Amadivaisn"t happy, he"s having a no great exceptionally negative day.
Rod meanwhiledisappoints me as soon as he rings Whinenelia"s doorbell. Since she won"t answer his calls or textmessperiods he decided to make an individual visit.How did you understand wright here I live?Rod says he left no stone unturned till he discovered her. Whinenelia is her usual charming self andtells him that if she didn"t answer his calls or texts it"s because she didn"twant to hear from him. Rod accprovides herof being scared because what occurred between them was distinct. All I experienced was gross, however she states her warm rodride was bereason she was hurt around Marcelo dropping her drippy behind forLucia. Rod tells her they"ve alwaysgained along and possibly they might try to have a real partnership yet Whineystates she"s not prepared and also they live as well far ameans and also she has actually no desire to moveback to Puebla. So check out yourself outk? Rod claims he"s willing to drive hisugly bright car tbelow to see her and also they"ve obtained nothing to shed so simply thinkaround it okay? Rod you should"ve lefther under that rock you turned over.Outside he encounters Alfreexecute sauce who is surprised to see a handsomeyoung man coming from his residence. Rodracks up some points in the meet-the-dad department once he introduces himself,claims where he"s from, shakes Alfredo"s hand and also also claims he hopes to check out himaacquire. Alfredo looks double stunned thatanyone would certainly be coming to see his daughter that is neither old, or there tosave her life and even more.. plans to come back!Yeah me also, Al.
Lucia seems happy atthat prospect of Amadiva probably being run off with Marcelo"s aid. She problems around Rod though and also tellsMarcelo he"s not like his father and also has even assisted her. It transforms out Marcelo is the one responsiblefor offering Rod Whinenelia"s deal with.Rebecca slithers out of her office and also comes spewing her venom atMarcelo and also tells him to view his method back out bereason he will certainly not occupational there!Lucia states not so rapid Tia! Majorityrules in these parts and that would certainly be me, Padrino and also oh yeah, more than likely sNoratoo. Shall we call her? Rebecca claims she curses the damn hour thatMarcelo proved up in their resides and he claims earlier at you. I curse the hour you met my bro you ho andall that"s happening now is your fault and also it won"t finish below. Rebecca tries to bitch slap him but he"s tooquick and grabs her wrist. In a huff shestomps previous IgNormita and also into heroffice wbelow she has actually melt down. Marceloasks Lucia if she had the ability to gain the gun earlier, but Lucia tells him Rebeccasupposedly threw it ameans, however she doubts it.She says they go somearea else to talk privately around somethingvital. Uh oh!
Alfreexecute tells hiswhiney brat around his enrespond to via Rod and how impressed he was. He just didn"t know she had actually any type of friends. Ha!Whiney states well Rod is a frifinish, not a boyfriend. Well I think that man wants it to be even more andhe actually wants to save seeing you and also I think it"s an excellent idea. Why so you can have him investigatedtoo? Alfreperform tells her he thinks sherequirements to gain on via her life. Whineyaccprovides her Dad of just wanting to pawn her off one more male so he won"t have actually toaddress her. I don"t blame him. Alfreperform states she"s difficult to talk to,however if she desires to remain lonely and bitter that"s her problem.
Amadiva thinks aboutMarcelo"s counterinsurance claim and also realizes he"s obtained just one alternative and also she"supstairs. After downing a glass ofliquid courage he heads upstairs and also tell Brigida, who is in search of fresh chisme in the socialsection, that they need to talk about "us". There is no us, she says. There"s you and me each in their own lane..so continue to be in yours. C"mon Brigi, I needyou to provide me a chance. Brigi says shecan not share her bed via a killer, yet evidently she"s okay through him paying themortgage and every little thing else. Amadivaswears he didn"t kill Ligia, what she heard between him and also Ric wasmisunderstood and also to prove it, he"s going to authorize over the shares to her asshe requested. Brigi can not believe itbut Amadiva assures her it"s true, they deserve to go meet with the notary in themorning. Looks prefer that tattooed"S" for sucker on Brigi"s forehead is continuing to be.
Marcelo is not happyaround Lucia leaving via sNora, what"s worse it will be for a month. He can not believe she"s going to leave whenhe"s simply went back to the factory and also now he"ll have to resolve every one of thisalone. Lucia is sorry, but her sisterneeds support too. Marcelo worries sNorawill certainly flip flop and also decide she wants to be earlier by her mother"s side aget. Lucia states as she told her tia Magda, she"swilling to run the risk. Wouldn"t he have actually done everything possible forFede? Well yeah but my relationship withmy brother was various than the one you have actually with your sister. Lucia says she knows however she desires to helpher sister. Roman has actually also signed off onthis adjust of scenery vacation. Ohyeah? Well what happens if your sisterhas a suicidal flip out? Did Roman tellyou just how to take care of that? Lucia tellsMarcelo to speak adding to her stress.He says he"s sorry, he knows it"s her decision but he does not supportit.
At casa Gax, Rebeccacomes house to find Magda tbelow. Imean you"ve concerned gloat about what"s happening to me. Magda states no, she actually pities hersister, she knows how crucial sNora is to her and the rejection should bepainful. Rebecca takes a dig and remindsMagda she can not probably know bereason she"s not a mother. Magda discovering now that she won"t ever bearchildren (at least not via Mario) feels the barb and also tearfully says it"s trueshe"s not. Rebecca reminds Magda thatthe last time she was tbelow wregarding accuse her of murdering Adriana. Magdaapologizes for permitting herself to be affected by others. You intend Ricardo Marquez… I hope he"s burningin hell. Magda tells Rebecca it soundschoose she blames him for everything that is happening to her. Rebecca states he is and also also others. Before she leaves Magda emotionally confessesto her sister that she grieves the loss of their connection and also hopes one dayit can adjust. Rebecca, for one brief minute shows up to wish the samepoint. Outside Magda runs into Luciathat assumes she"s tright here to see her.Magda tells her she was tright here to watch Rebecca and also offer her supportthroughout this time with sNora. Luciawonders if this had actually an influence, however Magda says all she knows is that she"s neverchecked out her sister choose this. Lucia asksMagda if Rebecca is qualified of generosity and altruism. Why? Lucia gives Magda the whole 411 on herencounter via Clara and Benny and also wonders if Rebecca might be the woguy thatBenny said wanted to assist them; specifically because she saw Rebecca and Claratalking in the park. Magda makes itclear that Rebecca is not the charitable kind unmuch less there"s something in itfor her. Well what might she have toget by helping them? Magda appears torealize that her sister is paying some hush money to Clara and also abruptly tellsLucia she"s sorry however she has to go.
Rebecca barges intosNora"s room and also finds her packing. Whatare you doing? I"m gaining ready forwhen we leave. Don"t you think you"re takingthis game also far? It"s no game. Well you"re throwing everything I"ve done foryou ameans, over a little point. sNoradoesn"t think it"s little point and also she"s afrassist of what else she"ll uncover outaround Rebecca. Stop being so unfair andpunishing me. sNora tells her mom shecan take it as she wants but she doesn"t want to be near her anyeven more. Rebecca though will certainly decide once sNora has hadenough and she drags her daughter ago on to the bed. You aren"t going anywhere! Oh yeah what are you going to perform to stopme? Rebecca reflects sNora exactly how far she"swilling to go, to keep her in line. Iwill certainly tell the authorities not to bvarious other browsing anyeven more, because YOU killedRicardo Marquez. An audible gasp isheard and they both look to check out a horrified Lucia standing in the doormeans. Is that true?Answer me sNora! Did you kill Lety"s father? sNora says it was an accident and also begs hermother to explain how it occurred, however Rebecca proceeds to hang her daughter outto flap in the wind alone. I don"t knowanything, I wasn"t tright here. I only knowwhat you told me so you explain it.sNora swears on their father"s life that it was an accident, but Luciacan"t bear it. It was a humale being"s life and she does not know how her sisterpreserved quiet about it, bereason she won"t.She transforms roughly and also heads dvery own the stairs presumably to contact theauthorities, as sNora chases after her yet not prior to giving one last glanceback at her mom as if to hope that Rebecca will intercede on herbefifty percent. Instead Rebecca coldly watchesas her daughter scrambles to salvage her easily crumbling life, flying downthe stairs and begging Lucia to listen to her and also not contact theauthorities. At the bottom of thestairs the sisters tussle over Lucia"s purse which holds her cell phone. You can not speak to the police! I"m yoursister! Lucia states if she does not shebecomes her accomplice and currently she knows why sNora wanted to leave. It wasn"t because she wanted to get amethod fromher mom, however because she wanted to escape.sNora says it was both and also Lucia said she was going to assist her. Lucia claims points have actually adjusted currently and also shedoesn"t desire to nor can she go via sNora.She leaves a deflated and also once aobtain abandoned sNora to number out themess of her life as Rebecca that has actually been watching from thebalcony, saunters coldly down the stairs.She takes the chance to kick her emotionally delicate daughtereven more down by stating her foolish and blind trust in Lucia. sNora spats at her mommy to shut up as shebrushes past her up the stairs. Rebecca has her frightened little bit computer mouse back in the cage.
Magda is haunted bythe pieces that are falling right into area and she progressively assimilates them,mirroring on Sara"s confession that Alonso believed Rebecca had actually killedAdriana, and also that Clara was the one that could confirm it. Magda then remembers Clara"s nervousrecollection of the day Adriana died and finally Lucia"s witness of Clara andRebecca in the park together. Please Godno, it can not be true.
Tere and also Lalo visitBenny and he tells them he met Lucia, a gorgeous girl. Lalo wonders if it"s the exact same Lucia he knows,the bosses daughter. Tere confirms itand states she"s surprised Lucia came to check out him so quickly, considering that she had actually justpointed out wanting to meet him. Lalo is curious around the visit and also wonders whatshe shelp yet a nervous Clara takes manage of the conversation and also states nothingshe simply wanted to fulfill Benny, right son?Benny gets the hint and also sindicate states yes.Clara asks Lalo and Tere if they"ll continue to be through Benny while she goes tovisit Tina. They agree and also Bennyuncomfortably watches as his mother offers him a warning look before walkingout. Clara desires to keep the Benny"scoming for Benny.
Naz comes home to acollection table and also dishes clattering in his kitchen.He sees Rowdy Roddy Rafi standing via no indicators that just the nightbefore she took a header dvery own a flight of stairs. She tells him cheercompletely thatdinner is prepared and she"ll serve it as soon as Marcelo arrives and oh by the method thebird cage is cleaned and she offered them water.Naz shows up surprised and Rafi embarrassingly realizes that Marceloforobtained to tell Naz about his residence ending up being an airbnb. She uses to pack up her stuff however hegraciously tells her it"s no problemo many most likely Marcel was excited about thenews he obtained from Mario. Rafi agreesbut still plans on scolding Marcelo as soon as he arrives. Naz says he"s glad she"s tright here bereason thehome needs a female touch. Raf saysit"s time Naz found a partner bereason it"s not great for a male his age to bealone. He tells her he"s already startedlooking however it"s been a little wild. Rafican"t think it and he states oh yeah sister if you only knew. Here"s my two cents Naz, you"re a simplestraight shooting guy who demands an easy right shooting womale, likeRafi. Not some cry baby passiveaggressive diva like IgNormita who is finest left to rate dating, because that"saround just how lengthy her tolerance is for anyone who does not propose marriage in thattime framework.
Rod comes home todiscover Amadiva sitting in his apartment.He demands to recognize wright here Rod was all day. Rod says solving individual problemsresulting in his father, that reportedly isthe just one enabled to have personal difficulties, to blow up. He doesn"t care, because it"s Rod"s shift andhe needed him tright here this day. What happened? Amadiva rants about Marcelo winning the suitand also currently filing a respond to claim plus threatening to put Amadiva in jail. Rod is unsympathetic though and tells his Dadif tright here are no skeleloads in the closet then chill out. Amadiva desires to understand why his kid has actually thatattitude. Because I"ve constantly doubtedthat claim you filed against Escalante and I think you and your friend cookedthat entirety thing approximately obtain him out of the means.Amadiva can not think his own kid would side via that male. Rod claims hisDad is well mindful of the points he"s done wrong favor the company he created tosiphon from the fabrica. Oh you meanthe company we created right? Rod says,yeah but that doesn"t intend he agrees with it and also he"s thinking of stepping asidefrom it. Amadiva states not now hecan not. Rod comes clean that as soon as he cameback, it was only bereason of Lucia and also there"s no factor for him to stay therecurrently, specifically through Marcelo ago.Amadiva bitterly tells Rod that the rats are the first to abandon whenthe ship is sinking.
A distraught anddisillusioned Lucia arrives to Roman"s house and also tells him he should have toldher what sNora"s difficulty was. Instead hetold her not push sNora because he would handle it. Romale realizes that Lucia knows the fact nowand also she blasts him for encouraging her sister to leave. Romale denies any such point and also tells Luciahe motivated sNora to face things.Lucia realizes that sNora lied and apologizes for attacking and also blaminghim. Roman says currently that Lucia knowsit"s not just sNora"s difficulty however hers too, what does she plan to donow? Lucia claims she has actually no principle butwishes she"d never found out, what should she do? Roman says he can not decide for her, only shedeserve to. Lucia is conflicted and also asks him ifhe believes what sNora sassist around it being an accident? Romale claims he doesn’t understand however he does knowsNora is truly enthroughout a heavy burden.

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Clara gets exhausted ofher hefty burden and also decides to unload on her comadre Tina who wonders whyClara"s long face is also longer.Shouldn"t you be happier now?Well yeah but not when Benny offers me the stink eye for being a deviousmhelp, Como? Well I gained the money for doing somethingawful and also no, not resting via my bosses husbands. Comadre Tina desires the juicy details, butall Clara will certainly say is she"s worried she"ll end up regretting it and worse howit"s affecting her boy and also other"s that have actually been so sort to her. Tina tells Clara if she feels so bad, then she requirements to own up and get rid ofit. Clara states she"s best however how?
Mili endures herfirst night alone with a pathetic meal.Marcelo calls to inspect on her and also see how she is. Mili puts on her armor and states she"s fine. He suggests that she hire someone new so thatshe"s not alone and worrying him so a lot.Mili states he doesn"t should worry about her. He tellsher where he and also Ruffi are remaining and provides to offer her the number butshe coolly refoffers it and also bids him great night. Her only company currently is her son"s ashes.
Lucia arrives homeready to go upstairs yet is stopped by Rebecca asking if she"d gone to thepolice. Not yet. Not yet, repeatsRebecca the majority of assuredly trying to guilt Lucia with the proof of disloyalty. Lucia adheres to her aunt into the study. So areyou will going to revolve your sister in? Well from what I heard you were all setto execute it. Rebecca takes offense andtells Lucia if she shelp it, it was only to prevent sNora from leaving withher. She would certainly never damage her owndaughter also if sNora despises her.Lucia claims it"s a bit late for that bereason Rebecca has already donepoints that have scarred and hurt sNora.Rebecca tells Lucia she isn"t anyone to tell her just how to mom sNorawhen she didn"t also have a mom to referral on how to judge various other mother"s. Lucia says that"s ideal, she didn"t have actually amommy and Rebecca has actually no idea just how a lot she laments that. Rebecca states she"s sorry too however no matterwhat, sNora is her sister and also trusts in Lucia
Clara"s question onexactly how to unburden herself becomes clear once Magda shows up at her door and also asksfor information about how Adriana died.Clara tries aget to wiggle out of it, by saying that Adriana fell fromthe peak of the stairs. Magda punches herwith the claims that she loved Adrian and then provides the TKO when she claims shewants the TRUTH. Ashamed, Clara foldsfavor a cheap lawn chair; saying nothing other than to collapse right into tears. Magda"s worst are afraid has come true. Oh my God!
Marcelo arrives backto occupational to a really happy crew and also an elated Lalo. Naz is earlier and also now Marcelo, all is rightthrough the world. Marcelo states well thereare still a couple of scoundrels under the sink, yet Lalo states via the rightinsecticide they"ll go scurrying, simply wait and also view. Rod is packing up the office and also Marcelotells him not to bvarious other he have the right to find one more office. Rod states he wasn"t packing up to relocate, he"sactually moving out. Does it bvarious other youthat much that I"m back that you"ll leave the job? Rod states Marcelo"s rerotate is merely theimpetus he needed to leave a task he never favored. Marcelo asks him if he had the ability to reachWhinenelia. Rod says yes and thankshim.
Rebecca knocks onsNora"s door and also there"s no answer. It"salso quiet and she opens to discover the room empty. She heads downstairs and also stopscold in her tracks to check out Clara at the exceptionally bottom of the stairs looking up atthe handrail from where Adriana fell all those years back. What are you doing here? Rebecca hisses conscious anyone might hearher. Clara yet doesn"t appears to careand she boldly answers that Tere let her in, they"re friends now. Oh by the means she asked me to tell you shewent to the sector. Rebecca thinks thisvisit to her residence is messy and also, Clara must have phoned her rather if sheneeded money. Clara states she doesn"tneed any more money, give thanks to you for your aid and also do not concern I"ll pay you backeextremely cent. Rebecca asks her exactly how she"lldeal with her son"s issues. Clara saysshe doesn’t understand, but what she does know is she does not feel excellent via the dealthey made; or feeling bought. Rebeccatells her to stop saying stupid points.Clara states she"ll never before forobtain what taken place in this extremely spot all thoseyears back, it"s as if it occurred yesterday.Clara closes her eyes and also sees the memory vividly, I was in the kitchen and also I heard clearlyAdriana and also you shouting. Even from faraway I could tell you were suggesting.That"s why I pertained to check out what occurred and once I arrived that"s once Iexperienced Ms. Adriana on the glass table that was appropriate tbelow. And you…you were uptright here by the handrail…not relocating. Shutup!! Rebecca panics and also tries to dragClara out of the home, yet in a relocate best out of Columbo"s play book;Magdalena that has heard whatever comes out of the research. Rebecca is rooted in fear with her mouth wideopen in horror. I didn"t want to believeit, claims Magda walking progressively towards her beloved sister"s killer; her confront is a mix of anguish anddisgust. Sara was appropriate, you killedAdriana.
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