Enyo was a goddess of battle in Greek mythology. She was often shown as the companion of Ares, the god of war, and appreciated seeing bloodburned and the destruction of communities and cities. Knvery own as the ‘Sacker of Cities’ and the ‘Sister of War’, Enyo loved to assist setup assaults on cities and also spcheck out terror as a lot as she could.

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Who Is Enyo?

Enyo was the daughter of the supreme Greek god, Zeus and his wife, Hera, the goddess of marital relationship.

As the goddess of war, her role wregarding help Ares plan the destruction of cities. She would frequently take part in the damage also. She played a function in the battle between Dionysus, the god of wine, and also the Indians and she additionally spreview terror in the city of Troy during its downautumn. Enyo was likewise affiliated in the battle of the ‘Salso against Thebes’. She and also Ares’ sons are shown on the shield of the Greek hero, Achilles.

Enyo frequently worked with three various other minor divine beings consisting of Phobos, the god of are afraid, Deimos, the personification of dreview and Eris, the goddess of strife and delighted in watching the outcome of their occupational. Enyo favored watching battles so a lot that as soon as her own father Zeus dealt with the dreadful monster Typhon, she took pleasure in eincredibly minute of the fight and also wouldn’t pick a side because she didn’t want it to stop.

Enyo has been determined with Eris, the Greek goddess of strife, and also through Bellona, the Romale goddess of war. It’s sassist that she is fairly equivalent in some ways via Ma, the Anatolian goddess. In some myths, she’s determined as the mommy of Enyalius, the battle god, via Ares as the father.

Enyo’s Symbols

Enyo is typically shown wearing a army helmet through a torch in her right hand also, which are the symbols that reexisting her. She also carries a shield in her left hand and also in some representations there’s commonly a snake leaning against her left leg with its mouth open, prepared to strike.

Enyo vs. Athena vs. Ares


Like Athena, Enyo is likewise a goddess of battle. However, the 2 are extremely different in the facets of war which they reexisting.

Athena represents all that is noble in war. She symbolizes strategy, wisdom and also mindful planning in war. However, her brother, Ares, represents all that is dispreferred about war, such as bloodshed, death, cruelty, barbarism and needmuch less destruction.

Because Enyo associates via Ares, she represents the damaging and also damaging nature of battle. Her lust for bloodburned, destruction and devaterminal makes her a terrifying figure and also one that delighted in wreaking havoc.

Regardless of this, Enyo continues to be a minor battle goddess, with Athena and also Ares being the major deities of battle in Greek myth.

The Cult of Enyo

The cult of Enyo was establimelted in a number of places throughout Greece, including Athens, the city of Anitauros and also the Phrygian hills. Temples were dedicated to the goddess of war and her statue, made by Praxiteles’ sons, stood in the holy place of Ares in Athens.

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In Brief

Enyo is one of the few divine beings in Greek mythology that was recognized to gain and also take pride in her abiliy to cause war, death, damage and bloodshed. She isn’t one of the the majority of famed or renowned goddesses, however she did take part in some of the greatest battles in the background of primitive Greece.