Maksim Chmerkovskiy confirmed that former Dancing through the Stars partner Erin Andrews is involved to her longtime beau, NHL player Jarret Stoll, during an interview through Fox 5 in las Vegas on Friday, December 9.

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Asked to name his best and worst celebrity partners, Chmerkovskiy, 36, available up season 18 winner Meryl Davis as one of his best, in addition to Andrews, 38, who he quipped “maybe just gained engaged.”

The dancing agree smiled as he delivered the news and also justified it together “payback” because that the time earlier this year once the sportscaster coincidentally announced Chmerkovskiy and fiancée Peta Murgatroyd’s pregnant news while mic’d increase backstage.


Maksim Chmerkovskiy and also Erin andrews David Livingston/Getty Images

Though the DWTS host herself has not publicly announced her engagement, she has dropped hints on social media that point to a status update.

On Thursday, December 8, andrews tweeted photo of the cold temperature in Wisconsin, with the caption: “This weather at Lambeau is really going to placed a damper on mine ring game

Then, when Twitter pendant — consisting of Dancing pro Emma Slater — tweeted at the sports newscaster to need a confirmation, andrews did not deny the speculation, instead responding through kissy-face emojis and hearts.

In September 2015, Andrews played coy once asked whether she believed Stoll, 34, was “The One” throughout an interview with Redbook, instead pointing the end that she’s come to expect the unexpected.

“I have no idea what tomorrow will bring,” Andrews claimed at the time. “We’re carried up reasoning our lives are walking to be a Taylor Swift song. Then you gain older and wiser. Girlfriend don’t understand what is walk to bring you happiness.”

Andrews and Stoll first started dating in 2012, but hit a stormy patch in beforehand 2015 after the athlete was arrested on suspicion of cocaine and ecstasy possession.

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“I occur to be among those women that thinks it is feasible to have it all,” Andrews additionally said in the Redbook interview. “Where I grew up, a most women start having children at 22. Every one of my friends indigenous college and high school have actually three children now. I’m not even engaged! ns hope to have actually that, however look at what i have done: i’ve hopefully had actually a hand in opened the door for other women. I think family is the next step.”


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