After spending lot of the season grounding in second place, engaged pair Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang and winner \"The exceptional Race\" tonight in a frantic dash to the Atlanta finish line.

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The pair said lock will usage the $1 million prize to start a charity to help people in need about the world.

\"They simply need a small bit extra and also we want to be able to aid them, inspire them to live a better life and also contribute to the global economy,\" Cindy said.

They beat the end the various other two teams in the final three: dating pair Jeremy Cline and Sandy Draghi and former NFL player Marcus Pollard and his mam Amani.In the end, Cindy and also Ernie took first because the a small luck and also superior research skills. They were rolling Jeremy and Sandy once they left Panama at the start of the final leg. But every one of the teams met up in ~ the airport and also the race started fresh as soon as they arrived in Atlanta.

Marcus and also Amani were excited to it is in headed for Atlanta, their hometown. However their luck ran out once the plane landed and also the teams acquired to their very first task -- learning to fly a plane in a flight simulator. Jeremy and Sandy nailed it on the very first try. Ernie and Cindy followed around 15 minute later.

But Amani and Marcus acquired stuck. Marcus, who spent the totality race to compare the game to football, choked top top the score line. He kept running his aircraft off the runway in the simulator. Learning they were shedding $1 million, the previous NFL player acquired frustrated. His wife, to she credit, never shed her cool or lashed out at his errors. At the finish line, they had nice things to say around serving together a role model because that their children by never quitting.

The following mistake belonged come Jeremy and Sandy. Their clue told them to walk to a residence once well-known as \"The Dump.\" instead of researching the clue virtual or by phone, they asked a male in a van who sent out them to a furniture store called \"The Dump.\" Wrong. The mistake may have price them the race.

Ernie and also Cindy correctly found out \"The Dump\" to be an apartment where \"Gone through the Wind\" to be written. Ernie perfect the following task, inputting the next clue on one old typewriter. Then, Ernie and also Cindy top to a hotel to decipher the clue, which sent out them to Atlanta's Turner Baseball field.

Their final task to be visually interesting, but seemed a small easy contrasted to ahead seasons' last clues. This time, Cindy had to scale a gigantic map and also plot their trip approximately the human being with a rope, mental each nation they went to. Cindy had no problem.

CBSMarried NFL pair Amani (left) and also Marcus Pollard come in 3rd on \"The remarkable Race\" season 19.

The critical drama was the scramble to the complete line at Atlanta's \"Swan House.\" In a scene familiar to anyone who has ever before struggled v a gps unit in their car, the cab had actually trouble recognize the complete line. \"Recalculating,\" that said, over and also over.

But Ernie and also Cindy eventually found it and were greeted through Phil together the winners. ~ 40,000 miles, 4 continents, 10 countries, some skill and a little bit of luck, they winner the $1 million.

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