i purchased my Eton Mini Compact indigenous occupychristmas.org around a year ago. I love it.Compared to just around every other pocket radio, the kind factor of this one is better. Roughly 4.3 inches tall, 2.7 inches vast and less than a half-inch thick, the Mini Compact is only a little bit bigger 보다 a standard-sized playing card, and it"s thinner than a deck that cards, too. Most of what are called pocket radios are fairly a little bigger 보다 that (and particularly thicker), so right here you really do have a radio yo...u deserve to slip into a shirts pocket and also basically not feel the it"s there.This exceptional design carries over to the controls. There"s a huge power button that also sets the sleep time (if desired) in ~ the upper-right corner of the radio, and below the is a little round lock button. Hold the lock button for around a second locks the controls therefore the radio won"t it is in accidentally turn on by rubbing up versus other objects in a transporting bag or in her pocket. This manage can additionally be provided to lock the controls if the radio is on, so if you"re delivering it in her pocket and also listening through a headset, friend won"t accidentally change the station. (The volume control isn"t locked by this control, so you have the right to still turn it increase or under if the lock is collection with the radio on.) come unlock, just organize down the lock switch for around a second.Tuning and also volume controls are thumbwheels top top the appropriate side of the radio, and also you can additionally tune and also seek-tune through the right two buttons top top the former of the radio. Solitary pushes of this buttons relocate the radio up or down one frequency in ~ a time; hold the button down starts an increase or down look for function.The band selector is top top the left next of the radio, and the left two buttons ~ above the former of the radio are supplied to collection the time or alarm time. Both are completely intuitive: Just host down the moment or alarm button and also press the minute and also hour buttons to breakthrough the clock time or alarm time together desired. And, right here is a "secret" button role not defined in the manual: through the radio turned on, push the time switch to rapidly breakthrough the radio frequency. On am each push of the time switch will breakthrough you 100 kHz; top top FM, pushing the time switch will development you one mHz, and also on shortwave you"ll advancement to the following meter band. As soon as the radio is off, the right-most button will toggle the display from "off" to "always on - dim," to "always on - bright." The "always on" setups let you usage the Mini Compact, because that instance, as a bedside clock radio that constantly shows the time. That course, this would diminish the battery quickly, however it"s advantageous to have this function for times as soon as you can not have an additional clock handy.All of the buttons and also controls have a an accurate feel of high quality and good tactile feedback, make the Mini Compact a pleasure to use. Good control placement allows you do everything totally by feel in the dark.I likewise like the Mini Compact"s "reverse LCD" display, which attributes orange number on a black background. Some criticize this style of display screen for bad viewability in really bright light, however if you shot different orientations of the display screen relative come the irradiate source, you"ll an alert that you can read it well in bright light without the backlight the the display. Or, you deserve to activate the backlight and also shield the display screen with your hand. Either way, ns think the satisfied look that the reverse LCD and also its exceptional low-light viewability an ext than comprise for this small issue.So, just how does the Mini Compact work-related as a radio? FM reception is impressive; very sensitive and selective top top this band, pass in train station that several other radios won"t get. ~ above AM, the reception is not negative but no as sensitive together on FM - no doubt because of the radio"s small size and the inevitability the a correspondingly-small inner ferrite to be antenna. Still, am reception is not negative for a tiny radio. Shortwave tests a little weaker than a larger shortwave portable I have when using only the Mini Compact"s integrated telescoping antenna, however improves markedly v the addition of as much longer wire antenna. (There"s no antenna jack, so any kind of longer wire supplied as an antenna can simply it is in clipped to the radio"s telescoping antenna.)Sound high quality through the speak on the former of the radio isn"t bad, through crisp audio. Great for voice and not too poor for music at softer volume. But attach a pair the earbuds or a headset using the 3.5 mm audio jack and enjoy full-range audio and an effective sound. (Many various other devices deliver weak audio v their 3.5 mm jacks, but with a set of earbuds in my ears plugged into the Mini Compact, i cannot bear transforming it up complete blast.) The Mini Compact is an exceptional audio performer when you usage it v earbuds or a headset.The Mini Compact plays because that a lengthy time top top its two small AAA batteries, and also when you do have to adjust the batteries, the radio will remember the time so you don"t need to reset that at every battery change.

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Met and also exceeded expectations.

By Assir D.

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A good traveling companion. Intuitive. Great sound. A value for its price.

The Eton Mini super Compact Radio gives you accessibility to news and music from across the globe, ideal in her pocket, whether on one AM, FM or Shortwave frequency. The Mini"s built-in digital tuner and internal and telescoping antennas conveniently identify stations, which deserve to be regarded on the high-contrast digital display. The radio likewise features an alert clock, sleep timer and also earphone jack. Perfect to hear to the radio broadcast at your favorite sporting events. global listening Tune in to your favorite regional stations or hear to news and also music from throughout the globe. With AM/FM and also Shortwave bands you have the right to hear just around everything your ear desire. Tuned in Use the digital tuner to uncover your station and see it plainly on the high-contrast digital display. Antennas, inside & out When hearne to am stations, merely rotate the radio because that the best reception, thanks to the inner antenna. For intensified FM and also SW reception, merely pull up the telescoping antenna. Travel prepared So small, for this reason global, so useful when you"re traveling to foreign lands. Time sensitive The Mini digitally screens the time in shining orange. Wake up to the alert clock or drift off to sleep while listening to music through the consisted of sleep timer. To keep the radio from accidentally turning on, just hit the Lock button and also rest easy. Travel situation included Comes v a handy-dandy transferring pouch to store it for sure in your briefcase or bag. it is provided up use USB cable (included), 2 AAA battery or plug a 6V AC adaptor into the DC jack (sold separately).