Retro pixie haircuts work well for leisure and work. Read on to learn how to join the retro pixie trend. It takes only a few easy steps

The pixie haircut certainly shows staying power. The style belongs to the true hair style classics. Right now, pixies claim their prominent place in hair fashion. The hair is cut in a blunt way. Soft steps give the haircut its characteristic shape. This type of cut gives pixies their especially natural and feminine appearance.Evan Rachel Wood has joined the trend and sacrificed her long mane for a pixie with slightly longer covering hair and sideways fringes. Ever since her hair is short, she keeps surprising her followers with creative hair styles. In October, Rachel Wood did it again. The actress (‘The Ides of March’) gave her pixie the sixties look. The plain Alice band is the perfect accessory for this pixie style.

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Models Twiggy and Crumb with sixties pixie haircut

While demure, Evan Rachel Wood"s pixie does not at all appear frumpy. Women in the sixties pinned their short hair behind the ear and created a somewhat austere look. In contrast, today"s pixie falls softly into the face in shiny waves. Thanks to modern hair conditioners (hair treatments and rinses) the hair dazzles with its silky lustre.

Women with small faces look particularly attractive with a pixie haircut. However, the pixie was really invented for very confident women with striking features. One of the basic pixie features is the accentuated back of the head.Are you eager to style your hair like Even Rachel Wood? Below, we are going to show you step by step how pixies are styled.

Tools for Styling the Perfect Pixie:

Heat protectant, hair spray, hair oil

Styling the Sixties Pixie Haircut:

Spray heat protectant into the towel-dry hair. Then blow-dry your hair completely while pulling it over a small round brush. Now part your hair on one sideCover the teased hair with the top layer of your hair.

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Then use a teasing brush to create a smooth surfaceWet your fringes with a whisper of hair oil and secure it sideways behind your ear with a hair pinArrange the Alice band and the look is complete

Three Tips for Perfect Pixie Styles

Do you want to add more pizazz? Gloss spray adds still more glamour to pixie haircutsThe Alice band is optional for the sixties pixie style. If you do decide in favour of hair jewellery you should select plain designs to enhance the modern pixie flair

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