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Getting "Exception in thcheck out main java.util.NoSuchElementException" on console? Want gain rid ofjava.util.NoSuchElementException in 2 minutes? Go ahead and also find your solve and understand what does this exception suppose and also what actually brought about this error.In this Java tutorial, we will certainly discover the reason of theNoSuchElementExceptionexception in Java and just how to avoid it altogether.

What is java.util.NoSuchElementException?

is an exemption to RuntimeException that deserve to be produced by various Java classes. Key classes that throw this errors are Scanners, Tokenizers, Enums and also Iterators.This exemption extends the RuntimeException class and also, as such, consists of exceptions that have the right to be thrown in the time of the procedure of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). If you are also searching for a solution to NPE thenFix for NullPointerExceptionis here.These are exceptions that are not taken on and, therefore, do not need to specify them in the strategy or release the constructor.WhereNoSuchElementException lies in Java:java.lang.Object Throwable Exception RuntimeException NoSuchElementException

Root Causage of NoSuchElementException

All of these iterator classes have techniques for retrieving the next aspect. The the majority of common instance of this iteration in a hash maps. Many of us access facets in hash maps and also hash tables without checking if element also exists. And when this happens, the error is thrown.According to Javadoc, NoSuchElementException is thrown if you call the Enumeration nextElement() method and also thatmore articles on the list. the complying with code will delete java.util.NoSuchElementException because of the enumeration of table is empty.

With Enumerator

public class NoSuchElementExceptionExample public static void main(String args<>) Hashtable myMap = new Hashtable(); Enumeration enum = myMap.elements(); enum.nextElement();
public class NoSuchElementExceptionExample public static void main(String args<>) HashMap myMap = new HashMap(); Iterator iterator = myMap.keySet().iterator();;

While utilizing Scanners


How to fixjava.util.NoSuchElementException

To prevent this Exception in thcheck out primary java.util.NoSuchElementException
, always inspect for Iterator.hasNext off () or Enumeration.hasMoreElements () before calling the strategy next () or nextElement ().Java.util.StringTokenizer deserve to also throw an exception NoSuchElementException if tbelow are no tokens or facets and also you callThe nextToken () or nextElement () strategy. Following is the instance java.util.

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NoSuchElementException as soon as using StringTokenizer in Java

While making use of Scanners

while(scanner.hasNextLine()) str=scanner.nextLine();

Use UTF-8 Encoding

Scanner scannerObject = new Scanner(brand-new FileInputStream(filePathObject), "UTF-8");

Don"t use do-while loop

execute // your code to access next element while (iterator.hasNext());while (iterator.hasNext()) // Your code right here to access next elementFor even more indevelopment you have the right to review Oracle Documentation for this exception.