This exception happens when you are trying to connect straight a USB tool to your VirtualBox once it"s currently being used by the host OS. For instance, if you are utilizing Windows 10 Pro (HOST) and virtualize a brand-new machine through Windows 10 Home Edition (VM), connecting the USB first, then initializing the digital machine and also you attempt to attach the USB like this:


Then, the exception will shows up. This happens basically by this principle, USB gadgets deserve to either be supplied on your organize OS or guest OS, but it can not be shared between the Host and the VM. Whatever captures the USB gadget first, will block currently the interaction for the various other mechanism. 

The solution to this trouble is quite basic and we will explain you just how to solve it in this post.

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1. Install Oracle VirtualBox expansion pack

As initially action, you must install the official Oracle VirtualBox extension load. You have the right to follow this tutorial in order to install the extension fill easily. After installing it, you may proceed through the following actions.

2. Connect your USB to the computer

Now affix the USB to the computer and verify that is working, if you have the right to review the files and so, everything must work-related correctly. 

3. Open your virtual machine settings

Speak your online machine if it"s open up and accessibility the settings in the main menu:


Then, in the emergent dialog, go to the USB tab and check the Enable USB controller. Select from the options the USB 3.0 (or available) controller and also choose under the USB Device Filters the Add New USB device (USB via plus icon) and choose from the dropdown the USB device that you desire to usage in the Virtual Machine:


In our instance, the USB that we want is the Prolific Technology Inc. USB SD Card (which is a USB SD-Memory reader).

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Once you choose the wanted USB gadget, you should be able to access it within your online machine:


And that"s how you have the right to quickly obtain accessibility to a USB linked in your computer from a Virtual Machine. It must job-related with any kind of operative system as Linux, Ubuntu and also Windows.