Tright here is an insect throughout the Silver Shroud questline in which it fails to progress after you kill AJ. After you agree to come to be the Silver Shroud, you"re expected to kill Kendra very first, however this part will certainly be omitted. Instead, you will certainly be dealing with Delancy and also AJ initially. After you"ve eliminated AJ, the objective of the search is to listen to the radio, however the radio will only broadactors regular episodes, and the pursuit will certainly not progression. You deserve to settle this by locating and also killing Kendra by yourself. The wiki web page additionally mentions this bug.

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This is more than likely because you have accpeted Charlie"s search to clear out the warehouses but have actually not completed it. Since Charlie is additionally the one you have to talk to to obtain the Kendra mission in the first location, this could cause some sort of problem.

The ChatBreaker

I was tasked with killing some thug murderer and also a crooked chem dealer prior to acquiring to Kendra. Are you listening to the radio while inside Goodneighbor"s boundaries?


I did that, certainly. I suspected something was not best when the search was not advancing for a while. I tried to be thostormy, so I tried leaving the Silver Shroud radio on for an excellent while, choose a day or 2 (ingame of course), both inside and exterior town, both cshed to and also far from tvery own. Not just when, however many times: I went in and out of town all the moment, and I would certainly rotate on the radio eextremely time I went back to town. I likewise tried talking to Charlie in the time of and also after his minor search, but nopoint taken place, as I intended. After managing Kendra, I headed earlier to Goodneighbor, turned on the radio, and every little thing returned to normal.

However before, I do still have some doubt. I have been assuming that the Kendra part is expected to occur initially. On the wiki page, the phase worth of this part is smaller than the others", as well. But when I talked to her in her hideout, she mentioned the reality that I eliminated Wayne Delancy. This wouldn"t make sense if Kendra is indeed your initially target.

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Either means, also if Kendra is not the initially tarobtain, I"m sure that the quest got stuck for me, for one factor or one more.