The talent and also filmmakers behind global Pictures’ upcoming vacation comedy nearly CHRISTMAS will battle it out in a unique episode the the fight syndicated video game show, Family Feud, i beg your pardon airs Tuesday, October 25, 2016 (check local listings). The two teams will join Family Feud host Steve Harvey because that the larger-than-life showdown, which asks opposing groups to assumption: v the most usual responses to a collection of fun survey questions. Almost CHRISTMAS arrives in theatre on Friday, November, 11. 


Team Talbert—led by nearly CHRISTMAS writer/director David E. Talbert—includes Mo’Nique, DC Young Fly, Jessie T. Usher and Keri Hilson, that are competing on behalf of Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Team Packer—led by producer will certainly Packer—includes Gabrielle Union, Kimberly Elise, Romany Malco and Omar Epps, who are playing because that the UCLA Rape situation Center.

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A new comedy from writer/director Talbert (Baggage Claim) and also producer Packer (Ride Along, Think choose a Man series, This Christmas), nearly CHRISTMAS speak the festive story the a lover patriarch who asks his family for one gift this vacation season: to acquire along. If they deserve to honor that wish and spend 5 days under the very same roof without killing one another, it will certainly be a Christmas miracle. Visit www.almostchristmasmovie.com for much more information.


ABOUT family FEUD:

Since that premiere in 1976, Family Feud has remained among television’s many popular and enduring video game shows. Featuring two families who compete for cash and also cars, contestants try to guess: v the most popular answers to inquiries posed come 100 civilization surveyed. As host, Harvey engages completing family members in hilarious repartee, and his ethical reactions to your responses have brought a fresh feeling of comedy come the show.


Fans are invited come follow Family Feud on Twitter
FamilyFeud, ~ above YouTube at youtube.com/familyfeud, and also on the net at www.familyfeud.com, wherein they have the right to answer inspection questions, discover out around upcoming auditions and also more.

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Taped in prior of a live audience indigenous its residence in Atlanta, Georgia, Family Feud is developed by FremantleMedia north America, and is spread by Debmar-Mercury. Gaby Johnston and Jennifer Mullin room Executive Producers and Jim Roush is executive in charge of Production.



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