Famous Last Words - The Council of the Dead: An incredible example of a well written album that tells and elaborate, intertwining story from start to finish.

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Okay so I don't usually plug bands. I've never posted to r/music though I've lurked here for a while. Since it's discussion friday, I wanted to introduce people to Famous Last Words album "The Council of the Dead." This is one of the most well written albums I've ever encountered, and since many of you are fans of music and the art that can be hidden within it, I thought I'd post about it. In the interests of discussion, hopefully some of you will post other albums where the lyrics come together to tell a story.

From start to finish, the album tells an incredibly elaborate story, in which each song is told in the first person by a character who has recently died, and is telling the story of their death to the other recently deceased souls and head of the council of the dead. It's a neat idea, but what makes it so well executed is that the character in each song is somehow related to the other characters without knowing it. It starts with the Council Head explaining to all the other parties that they've died, and that he's there to help them search through their past and find closure. The first dead character is an older woman who has developed alzheimer's or dementia and is slowly slipping away into a fog until she ultimately with no memory of her life or loved ones. The second character is a man who was killed in an accident by a drunk driver and wants to know if his little girl is still alive, and is begging and pleading that she survived. The last character is a man who commits suicide when he is unable to cope with the guilt of killing a young girls father (character 2) after drinking away the pain of losing his mother to dementia and watching her slowly slip away and die (character 1).

All the other songs are about characters that relate somehow: A soldier dying while fighting with insurgents overseas, while he wishes his father could see him. A group of insurgents that is thankful for their fallen heroes who helped free them and remove the evil and hatred from their land. A son that lost his way to crime and is killed in a drive by shooting after robbing members of an opposing gang. As he dies he hopes his father would be proud despite his lifestyle choices. A friend that overdoses after his friend is murdered in a gang drive-by. A father who is dying alone in a hospital and wishes for nothing other than to have his two dead sons by his side, and wishes he could tell them how proud he is. Everyone is connected, though the connections are left to be discovered by the listener as the characters have lost their memories and don't recognize each other. Finally, the album ends with song in which the council head reveals that all these people are the very characters they are describing in the stories of their deaths. These characters are their friends and family members who are all being given a second chance in life by either taking a new journey, or going back to Amend their previous life. It's a fantastic ending that, to me, drives home the true grace that comes with second chances, and gives hope that there is not always finality in our mistakes.

So that was long and ranty and I'm not sure how many of you will take the time to read it, but if you do, check them out (youtube link below this post as well as in first paragraph). The music isn't for everyone (they're a sort of modern hard rock and metalcore band), If it's not your style, but you've got 15 or so minutes, maybe look up the song lyrics and just appreciate how, occasionally, musicians can still be true artists that put a ton of thought into creating something that is special. They can develop a world for you to fall into and a story to lose yourself in for 40 or so minutes. It's probably my favorite album of the past several years, and if nothing else, hopefully some of you will check it out and give them some love. Thanks for reading.

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Another Link to Council of the Dead, by Famous Last Words. I'm not sure if they have an official channel, I couldn't find one.