Wendy"s is credited with creating the first modern-day drive-thru window, technology which they introduced at the grand-opening the their second store in November, 1970.

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In-N-Out Burger was started in 1948 by Harry and also Esther Snyder in Baldwin Park, California. Together the rapid food craze took root, it to be soon adhered to by Whataburger (1950), burgess King (1954), and McDonald"s (1955).

McDonald"s restaurants an initial introduced the Big Mac systemwide in 1968. (The large Mac had been introduced slightly previously in a few stores in Pittsburgh.) the was complied with by the Egg McMuffin (1973) and also the Happy meal (1979). Ronald McDonald had actually been introduced in 1963, numerous years before the large Mac.

The very an initial Pizza Hut restaurant was developed in Wichita, Kansas. The franchise was started by two college students, Dan and Frank Carney, who obtained $600 from their mother in 1958--then rented a little building and also purchased part second-hand equipment. Pizza Hut has because grown into one of the most successful fast food companies in the world.

5) What quick food restaurant introduced a famous advertising campaign in 1997 that featured a talk chihuahua?

In 1997, Taco Bell presented an advertising project that featured a talking Chihuahua. The 8-pound, 11-inch-tall chihuahua quickly ended up being the hottest animal pitchster since Spuds McKenzie. In fact, the project was so popular that it ultimately branched the end to incorporate licensing toys, T-shirts and other promotion products.

In 1974, in an attempt to change the prevailing cookie-cutter image of assembly-line fast food restaurants, Burger King introduced the slogan "Have it her way", positioning itself together the hamburger franchise that uses customers the ability to customize their burgers. Popular commercials in which client asked burger King employee to "hold the pickle, host the lettuce" drove residence the message and the slogan "Have it your way" has end up being identifiable v Burger King restaurants worldwide.

7) What fast food restaurant aired ads featuring Jared Fogle, a guy who shed 245 pounds eating just their products?

In 2000, Subway restaurants started airing ads special Jared Fogle, a student from Indiana college who had formerly tipped the scales at 435 pounds -- that is until he lost 245 pounds by restricting his diet to two SUBWAY submarine sandwiches a day. Through 2013, Fogle had filmed an ext than 300 commercials, and also Subway attributed one third to one fifty percent of its expansion in sales to Fogle, through revenue having tripled from 1998 come 2011. In 2015, however, Fogle was sentenced come 15 years in jail for indecent relations with number of minors, and also Subway severed all ties.

8) What rapid food restaurant to be originally started in the tiny town that Guasave top top Mexico"s Pacific Coast?

In 1975, Juan Francisco "Pancho" Ochoa opened up his an initial chicken stand in the small town of Guasave ~ above Mexico"s Pacific Coast. He called the was standing "El Pollo Loco", Spanish because that "The stunner Chicken." The stand was a big hit and news conveniently spread. By 1979, Pancho"s family members had opened up 85 restaurants in northern Mexico. El Pollo Loco was purchased by Denny"s restaurants in 1983, and also by 2004 they were operating much more than 300 El Pollo Loco restaurants in the unified States.

9) How numerous herbs and spices make up the secret blend used on Colonel Harland Sanders" most famed creation: his original KFC Recipe?

Colonel Harland Sanders very first introduced the human being to the taste that his initial Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1939. Featuring a secret blend that 11 herbs and spices, news that the Colonel"s tasty chicken spread quickly, and also by 1964 he had actually opened more than 600 Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. Today, protection precautions protecting the Colonel"s mystery recipe would certainly make even James link proud. It is locked far in a safe in Louisville, Kentucky, and also only a grasp of human being have ever before been allowed to check out the recipe.

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The Papa John"s restaurant franchise was established in 1984 as soon as "Papa" man Schnatter knocked out a broom closet in the back of his father"s tavern and sold his prized 1972 Z28 Camaro to acquisition $1,600 precious of used pizza equipment. He started selling pizzas to the tavern"s customers the end of the converted closet, and his pizzas confirmed so popular that just one year later on he was able to move into an adjoining space. He didn"t avoid there, however, and by 2005, he had opened almost 3,000 Papa John"s restaurants in the united States and also 20 international markets.