Owning a cat (or any kind of fuzzy creature) is a known tension reducer, and also I have actually a super cute kitty at house. But periodically I acquire stressed while at job-related — perhaps I check out a frustrating political story, or feel overwhelmed, or got a book rejection — and also I can’t exactly go home to cuddle with my cat. I require a quick cat deal with to make me laugh and also reset my brain. That’s where cat GIFs come in! This can seem silly, however looking via cat GIFs helps me break (almost) any type of chain of negative thinking and be fertile again. So I wanted to share that cuteness (and efficiency boost) with you!

Here are 20 of my favorite cat GIFs, guaranteed to make you smile! Each picture web links to its resource, so feel free to downpack each picture or booknote this post to peruse whenever before you need a little of happiness.

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1. This cat stretching his tiny legs

And spanalysis his tiny pink toes. It’s almost as well cute to be genuine.

3. This other cat who can’t also take care of it

You can never have actually as well many kind of cats facepalming.

5. This cat who simply wants out of this situation

This is how I feel whenever before I look at Twitter lately, so I get it.

7. This cat obtaining turned off

Nose boop = power switch.

9. This cat… I don’ t recognize what he’s doing, however it’s hilarious

Maybe he’s acquiring sucked into the vacuum of room. Hard to tell, really.

11. This kitten living his ideal life

You can’t say you don’t want to rub those lil’ cheeks.

13. This cat in a bucket of chicks

There’s no other means to explain this.


15. This cat who just can’t win

Keep chasing your dreams, kitty.

17. This kitten who’d just rather not

It’s adorable yet additionally he clearly doesn’t want this to be happening.

19. This kitten being the absolute cutest thing

Oof those paws, I can’t also stand it.

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21. An honorable mention for those eyes

It might be a cartoon (Puss in Boots from Shrek), but he’s still downappropriate adorable.

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