by Adeola (Last update On: February 21, 2021)

Ever due to the fact that I went natural, I have been really careful as soon as it come to selecting my hair stylist. Also if it means being in charge of the styling, treatments and handling of mine hair. In the past few years the I’ve been natural, I have the right to say the I’ve only been come the salon around ten times in total. I am finding the the longer I am Natural, the less dependent i am on a hairstylist and the much better my hair styling skills gets.

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So, below are the struggles that I have with recognize the ideal hair stylist because that my 4c hair

1. Lock Braid too Tight

Most of lock braid also tight and also are always too aggressive with my hair. In the 7 years the I had my hair relaxed, ns only applied relaxer in my hair about twice a year. This way that my root were always coarse, dry and also very complicated to comb.

And due to the fact that I didn’t recognize the basics that hair care (deep conditioning and also moisturizing), ns would disregard my roots and only comb the calm part. For this reason by the moment I acquire to the stylist, mine roots would certainly be for this reason matted and also tangled that it’s an overwhelming to work with.

This made my hair stylists angry at me and also my hair and would take out their disappointed on my hair through tearing through and also aggressively wicker it with a fine this comb.

An educated and compassionate stylist would certainly have used a leave-in conditioner on mine hair and also advice me to do the same at home, instead, castle would always tell me to relax my roots prior to coming. Back I constantly came out through a quite hairstyle, i would constantly lose vast chunks that hair, no wonder my hair never prospered past mine chin!


2. Uneducated and Impatienthairstylist

EVERY hairstylist that have actually styled mine hair have actually been uneducated about natural hair and weren’t ready to be educated by their client. In the brief time the I’ve to be to the hairstylist, NONE that them provided me a hair treatment tip, not even on the basics such as washing, deep conditioning and also moisturizing.

To provide two examples, among my longtime hair stylists told me come buy a scented hair oil come spray on mine scalp when my weave starts to gain stinky.

I cringed and thought “shouldn’t you be telling me to wash my hair instead of masking it v a scent?”. An additional example is of one more stylist that told me that ns had used too lot oil on mine hair due to the fact that it was also slippery for her to handle and I should have actually come v dry hair.

Ignorant stylists deserve to set you earlier on your healthy hair journey either by braiding her hair so tight the you finish up through traction alopecia, dried comb and break off all the hair you regulated to retain in your last two months protective style difficulty or apply a damaging product on her hair without your permission.

3. lack of experience with natural hair

Most stylists are still uneducated and inexperienced as soon as it concerns natural hair styling, and also would like not to layout our hair. The couple of that space experienced and LOVE styling natural hair are couple of and much in between, and also if friend live in a city v very few Blacks, they can not also exist.

Luckily because that me, ns live in a large city with plenty of Natural hair salons and also so I have actually the alternative to pick. However, negative reviews from various other naturalistas on natural hair salons have actually prevented me indigenous going come one. Because I would like to flourish my hair long, I’d rather format my hair in ~ home and avoid gift someone’s guinea pig.

Speaking the time, I additionally don’t have actually the time sit and wait because that hours because that my hair to be excellent at the salon. Also, the moment that i would have spent obtaining to the stylist and waiting to obtain my hair done, ns would have installed a Marley twisted in the lull of mine bedroom.

4. No time to prep hair before going to the salon

I don’t have actually the time to prep my hair to be styled by a stylist. No matter how experienced a stylist may be with natural hair, it’s constantly advised to go with stretched and also combed hair so that it’s less complicated to manipulate and also handle. Hair that’s in this “friendly” kind is quicker and easier come style, bring about a pain-free and also breakage totally free styling session.

The only difficulty with this is that in stimulate to gain my hair in a “friendly” state, I would need to spend about two hrs doing a blowout, i beg your pardon I could have invested twisting or flat twisting mine hair up for the mainly or two weeks.

Another stretching technique such as braiding and also flat twisting doesn’t stretch mine hair enough and also I can have come re-braid mine hair end the course of around twodays to get it to be perfect stretched. And to perfectly detangle my hair, I’d need to spend extra time combing it prior to going come the stylist. As I don’t like to comb my hair also often, I figure the only way I can avoid a comb is for me to style my hair myself.

5. Can’t bought them

I’m also educated around my hair to fork the end the cash. As we every know, black color hair treatment is an extremely expensive and can expense up to hundreds of dollars yearly. To prove this point, I kept a document of my hair care expenses in 2008 and discovered that ns spent about $500 on my hair in that year, this expenses contained hair products and also synthetic hair that were used on mine hair during that year.

Because I just knew exactly how to wash and also plait my hair, I had to go to the stylist every 2-3 months, through each visit costing an typical of $80. This was a trouble for me due to the fact that I to be a student and also shouldn’t it is in spending that much on hair.

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with hair care gurus, I have actually been maybe to understand the art of hair styling and thus save hundreds of dollars.

This have also given me some allowance come buy and experiment various hair products, particularly the people with decreased chemicals. What’s also an excellent about this is the these products sometimes large me for about a year! Also, ns no much longer see myself payment someone come tear my hair, destroying all my hard work and also put me through pain.