\"I have actually been feeling great for the past few days. \" and also \" I have actually been feeling great since yesterday.\" which one is grammar correct? and also why we usage \"the\" past couple of days?


For the an initial question, why does just one need to be correct? The an initial covers a duration lasting a number of days and also the 2nd only one day. We might utilise numerous time paragraph in this structure:

I have actually been feeling great for years

I have been feeling great since ns was born

I have actually been feeling an excellent every work of mine life

It is a present perfect tense, and also as long as the time phrase matches the tense time duration of \"since climate to now\", the an outcome should be OK.

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The second question is around information sharing and also completeness. When I say \"the finger on mine hand\" the use of the write-up informs you and also I know that there room fingers on mine hand, and also that I typical the whole collection of fingers: not one finger, not 2 fingers, but every one of them.

So as soon as we to speak \"the past few days\" we mean the complete set of \"past couple of days\", not just some the them, and also which means this time phrase matches the tense.

Do we use the phrase \"past few days\" ~ above its own? highly unlikely, that lacks a feeling of which days.

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