Fortnite has actually arrived with a dancing-themed week of challenges, paired through among the fight pass skins, DJ Yonder. Players are being asked to carry out all manner of things about the map from damaging no dancing indicators to playing a gigantic piano, yet first of all, they’re being asked to dance in front of a bat statue, a means above-ground pool and a seat for giants. And these three places are additionally component of a prestige challenge.

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Starting with the bat statue, wbelow are you going to should go to acquire this done? Well, “bat statue” indicates a spooky location, so if you believed you can be headed to Haunted Hills for this one, you would be correct. You are going not to the crumbling castle on the hill, yet to the graveyard on the west side of the map which was tright here before the castle also existed. Honestly this entirety location appears prime to be reput in future periods, offered just how lackluster it is compared to other areas.

Go below to check out wbelow to ruin No Dancing Signs. Go right here to see wbelow to visit an oversized piano.



Once you’re tbelow, you can find the bat statue, which I am assuming is where some kind of vampire is hidden, and begin dancing on his grave. Don’t worry, he won’t wake up and kill you, though this does seem rather disrespectful.


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Here’s where this precise location is on the map:



Haunted Hills has actually never specifically been a warm drop, so good luck gearing up after this. And if you’re doing the prestige difficulty where you need to dance in all 3 areas in one game? This is by much the furthest one away from the various other 2, and you are going to have to hike means, means dvery own southern unless the island decides to drift up towards you.

Tbelow are 2 more pieces to this difficulty, and also I’m composing guides for those as well:

And aobtain, the prestige challenge is to perform all three of these in a solitary game, and also considering that we don’t have actually planes or Ballers anyeven more, you’ll have to execute that through mechs or hoverboards or good old fashioned running.

See you out there for a very weird graveyard dance party, I guess.

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