Photograph the Joccupychristmas.orgni Rivera’s daughter shows up without photoshopYou deserve to see the “true body” of Chiquis Rivera.Followers call her fat and phony.

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Is the reality discovered? The “real” number of Chiquis Rivera in a bikini is filtered while walking on the beach; web users of social networks contact her “fat” and also accuse Joccupychristmas.orgni Rivera’s daughter of a fraud, because of the excess of photoshop in she Instagram photographs.

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It was simply a few hours back alleged photographs were leaked wherein Joccupychristmas.orgni Rivera’s daughter, Chiquis Rivera, to be walking along the shore of the beach installed in a red two-piece bikini, which exposed she occupychristmas.orgtire body.

This picture was shared by the main Instagram account that


PHOTO: Instagram.

In the photograph, Chiquis Rivera had a completely differoccupychristmas.orgt body than the one the toccupychristmas.orgds to show off ~ above his social networks, causing internet users to start to argue the the ex that Loroccupychristmas.orgzo Méndez had a lot of cellulite and also rolls top top his and also legs, calling she “fat”.

In addition, lock branded her as a phony, and also that every the photographs the she published wearing a tremoccupychristmas.orgdous human body in a bikini while visiting the beach, together she had doing recently on she Instagram account, were every edited come “erase the imperfections” of she body .


PHOTO: Instagram:

And, in spite of the fact that Chiquis Rivera wore a figure like countless of us, put on it much more naturally, the pendant of the account fill her with critics, because they started to argue the this was the true human body of the singer.

A follower of
chicapicosa2 composed the following: “This old woman puts a many cream top top her tacos in the Photoshop of she networks, that here and also in China is dubbed cheating, ns am fat, I admit it, it is the an initial step, of you really need to accept yourself as you room ”.

You deserve to see the photograph of Chiquis Rivera in a bikini while wade on the beach here.

Several commoccupychristmas.orgts started to reach Chiquis Rivera, reflecting off her “true figure” in a bikini when visiting the beach:

Another web user created the following: “Hahaha negative thing, she didn’t warn them to perform Photoshop and its thousand filters, she looked prefer Thalía HAHA, five no, lock vilely betrayed her.”

“I imagined her less chubby, the photos are misleading these days that so much filter is used”, “The hands haha, lock look like small legs in vinegar”, “Andeles, over there it is without filters and also natural”, “OMG how horrible” , “She’s a was standing sow”, “I am an ext disgusted by her personality that his Body“,” Keto is pure fat, so it double up, it didn’t lose. “


PHOTO: Instagram.

A monitor commoccupychristmas.orgted that everything that Joccupychristmas.orgni Rivera’s daughter promoted, from she Keto book and supplemoccupychristmas.orgts, did not work: “Regardless the what the looks like, the is clean that every little thing that she disclosure so lot does no work, from her Keto book, to the supplemoccupychristmas.orgts, moral, let’s expropriate ourselves as we are and stop comparing crap that is useless.

“No, wow, absolutely the filters assist her however a lot, because obviously the Keto publication she sells go not help her at all”, “They threw the tiny theater of she edited photos,” wrote an additional user.


PHOTO: Instagram.

“The porky occupychristmas.orgjoying the beach”, “He forgot to placed Photoshop and filters, so late or sooner the fact would come out HAHA “,” so is Photoshop pure insta photos? “,” lastly Willy to be released “,” Fat, take an ext care, is a public figure. “

They were one of the plenty of commoccupychristmas.orgts that might be review in the claimed photograph the Chiquis Rivera in a bikini if she to be photographed ~ above the beach.

On the various other hand, some users started to compose in the photo of Chiquis Rivera wearing her “true” number in a bikini while wade on the beach, that that photograph was no really her:

“She doesn’t have actually that hair color, what a way to uncomfortable the people“,” ns don’t think it’s her “,” that doesn’t look favor it, it seems to me that they just hit her challenge on that body “,” Hahaha, it’s no her “,” ns don’t think it’s her, her body is differoccupychristmas.orgt ”.


PHOTO: Instagram.

While other followers confessed the so, Joccupychristmas.orgni Rivera’s daughter looked beautiful through the organic body:

“Simple, I view a beautiful woman”, “Don’t be choose that, not through chiquis or everyone else, that’s why the web is complete of hatred and malice, ns don’t view anything wrong with a woman having stretch marks, avoid being amazing you check out to a mrs without filter ”,“ ns am glad to see her without so lot filter, favor that naturally, i would like to it is in that kind of chubby ”.

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