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About CraftingCrafting have the right to be done any type of time by accessing the Crafting app in her phone. Do in the game is rather straightforward because there room no intricately detailed or details materials needed, other than for part mission items. However, a majority of items deserve to be crafted indigenous abundantly usual components girlfriend can discover from containers, chests, search rewards, battle spoils, or bought from vendors. Part recipes deserve to be acquired the same method though few of them will only become obtainable after progressing much in the story.There space also particular items that deserve to only be crafted by reaching the required Crafter level. This level have the right to be increased by do regularly. Rare and uncommon items such as artefacts yield more points which deserve to increase your crafter level quickly. The max crafter is 20.Reminder: There room missable recipes tied to part story missions. You won’t have the ability to backtrack to few of them (like the U-Stor-It facility) since they’ll end up being inaccessible after mission completion.
Artifact How come Obtain
Abyssal Timepiece because that sale in the Coon store in Cartman’s House
Annihilation Overthruster Police Station, during the mission The slim White Line. You’ll discover it inside a bag in the second staircase on the western next of the station.
Berserker Wheel found in the CAF chest within Jimmy’s garage
Cosmic Clasps+3 inside the blue bag right external Jimbo’s Guns
Dazzling Dervish Mephesto’s Lab. In a bag behind some lab tables, before crossing the green toxic sludge.
divine Amplifier for sale in the Coon save in Cartman’s House
Elder Maw finish The Samaritan Agenda
Egg of Everlasting Life throughout the Christmas section of the key mission Farts the the Future Past, you can discover this follow me the way
Girding chains +4 inside a bag behind a tree in the town square.
Idol the Vitality because that sale in the Coon keep in Cartman’s House
Infernal Glyphs during The Hundred hand of Chaos, you’ll find a distribution truck spanned with aluminum foil and also with a ladder. Loss the minions guarding it and loot this indigenous the bag.
Masteroid for sale in the Coon keep in Cartman’s House
Necro Clamps CAF container within Kenny’s garage. The garage is locked therefore you’ll have to gain the key very first inside your house, hanging ~ above a wall surface by the bedroom window. Use snap n pop to remove it from the wall.
Necrotic Idol Buy from Sloppy 2nds native the 3rd day onwards.
nuclear Vessel In Kevin Stoley’s bedroom. View the instructions listed below to learn exactly how to craft this artifact.
Optic Penetrator uncover it within a duffel bag come the left the Skeeter’s wine Bar
Oracle of the Deviant Complete constantly Bet top top Chaos
Orb that Sublime Insight Mephesto’s rap entrance. In the hill path bring about the lab, booty the bag components on the left slope.
Prismatic Eye usage fartkour to reach the upper floors of the derelict structure in the Homeless Camp (SoDoSoPa)
Scarab that R\"Lyeh defeat the Raisins girl ambush in the alley throughout the main mission medicinal Fried Fiasco.
Skull that Sundering indigenous the Coon Store
Spire the Domination complete To capture a Coon
Tantalum Accelerator Police Station, throughout the mission The thin White Line. You’ll discover it within a bag exterior the Holding cell entrance.
Tome of cunning Recipe for sale in the Coon Store

How to handmade the atom Vessel

Obtain the recipe from Kevin’s bedroom. This details artifact needs three mission article materials.

Wet an are Trek Model
You can find this within the bathroom. Shooting the shower head knob by the bathtub with snap n popular music to do this item float.

Space Trek model Stand
This is uncovered in the display case downstairs. To open up the cabinet, acquire the display Case key found in the cupboard of the understand bedroom upstairs.

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Burned space Trek Model
Use Haywire to brief circuit the plug. Use the ladder to reach the microwave to gain this item.