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Realized after the reality that it just had 1 System fan header. Things are nicely labelled on this board and also has actually a nice number of attributes for what i require it to perform. It didnt want to install Windows from my media drive at first. I had to try different USB spots.


Very picky about RAM and also has just one fan header. BIOS layout is a little confmaking use of. It"s okay. Not a lot else to say about this one.


This board is perfect for simple upqualities, it has actually an M.2 slot, PCIe, 4 DIMMs, and also SATA slot. So it works well via my build.

This was the cheapest B350 motherboard at the moment. Nopoint flashy right here. Lacks some of the attributes of various other B350 chipcollection boards yet is still practical. Allows decent overclocking, no RGB yet does have actually an LED sexpedition near the IO that you can set the shade in the BIOS. It does have actually addressable RGB headers if you setup to usage addressable RGB light strips or fans. Has m.2 support which is good at this price suggest. The BIOS isn"t the best but it"s practical and reasonably user-friendly to navigate and does have an "straightforward mode" for anyone that is intimidated messing with BIOS settings. The drawbacks: 1. Pretty minor but, in photos the PCB looks dark grey however it"s actually brvery own. 2. Tbelow are just 2 fan headers. One for a CPU fan and also one for a situation fan. So arrangement to invest in a fan splitter if making use of multiple instance fans. And 3. I think the m.2 slot would"ve have actually been much better placed under the optimal PCIE slot. The top PCIE slot on this mobo is fairly low and in my situation left the GPU uncomfortably cshed to the floor of the instance which is restricting aircirculation to the GPU and also looks somehwat awkward also. Overall though, pretty fair for what you gain at the price.


Beautifullly astehic for a micro atx, most likely not going to upgrade this board since it has actually so many type of upgrade alternatives available for me dvery own the line already

This is a lackluster motherboard with not much I/O however for my needs it is perfect. Cheap, no frills, M.2, and is black.

Although it comes preloaded (as of May I believe) via the bios updates to run Ryzen 2xxx series. It has a serious drawago on RAM compatibility, YES it will certainly run 16gb (2x8GB) 3200mhz ddr4, BUT it will not run 32GB (4x8gb) in all 4 slots at 3200mhz (at least not stable). If you are looking to go past 16gb I would recommfinish among their gaming MOBOs.

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Good Mobo. Bad design with the SATA Ports. GPUs have the right to block the last port leaving you through 3 ports. However before it can overclock and I obtained mine 2000 Series ready from amazon

I was worried I"m gonna have compatibility problems via my APU and this Motherboard, however I was lucky that I discovered a male to update it for cost-free. It additionally supports dual memory channel which is crucial bereason I"m just making use of the included Vega 8 Graphics.

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