While Dye, a 30-year-old Brooklyn resident, provides the bulk of her earnings from webelectronic camera modeling and performing as a cake sitter, she considers herself a businesswomale initially and also forea lot of. And via MFAs in photography and sculpture from the Pratt Institute, she has actually the pedigree of the artist she also manperiods to be.

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In reality, she shelp she became interested in the civilization of camming as a photographer however didn’t feel comfortable making art about it till she had actually tried it out herself. Six years later on, it’s still her project, and she has end up being known for her sexy, messy, modern performances in which she sings songs choose the Spice Girls’ “2 Become 1” while grinding on a frosted dessert. Both on video camera ― wright here she prepares the batter in her bed, which is spanned by a tarp, and viewers tip to pick the cake’s colors ― and in genuine life, clad in icingprefer pastel and also metallic lingerie in gallery spaces and also at hip downtvery own parties, Dye is utilizing cake sitting to explore the borders in between art, sex and also commerce. 

And while she knows that sitting on cakes is a funny point to be recognized for, she additionally takes herself ― and her work ― very seriously. 

At first, I pretfinished that my sound didn’t work-related so I wouldn’t have to verbally respond to human being. I wasn’t nervous about the nudity. I was nervous about how my personality would be viewed even more than my body. Because I had actually currently seen the selection of bodies that are on this site. It wasn’t about ‘Am I warm or not?’ I’m hot to someone. It was more choose I hadn’t uncovered my video camera persona, or my cam identification, yet.


I’m definitely taken into consideration a comedian. Before I was sitting on cakes, I was doing extremely childprefer performances, utilizing donvital hoppers in my display. Inflatables and also balloons and kiddie pool toys were always a component of my art and also then ended up being a part of my electronic camera set. So I was using points that were in my art to elevate my identification and try to figure out that I am within the room.

So world recognize me as an artist, however I think they come for a laugh, and that’s type of wbelow I am currently via cake sitting. It’s sexy, but it’s funny, and that’s the duality that’s in my artoccupational too. It spans dark humor and sarcasm, however it’s coming from a severe area, yet it’s still sexy, and also civilization deserve to still masturbate to it.

The story of cake sitting is that I gained a personal message in my chatroom that someone wanted me to sit on my cat. My cat is a large presence in my chatroom. People know her. They recognize her name. They reminder me when she comes on the camera. And this person was significant, because I received this message multiple times over months.

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And so I began relooking, and also it’s not simply somepoint ― it is evil and also gross ― but it’s a component of a crushing fetish that starts via small insects and moves as much as larger pets. So obviously, I refprovided to do this, but while I was investigating crushing fetishes, I found cake sitting, which is prefer the more pure, wholesome variation of what this perkid was asking me to do.