Moments after Michael"s (Dustin Hoffman) first appearance in drag, he auditions for the soap, meeting director Ron (Dabney Coleman), producer Rita (Doris Beabsence, herself a daytime-drama veteran) and also actress Julie (Jessica Lange), ending via a famous line, in Sydney Pollack"s Tootsie, 1982.

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Ten Academy Award nomicountries saw Tootsie (1982) in which an unemployed actor (Dustin Hoffman) masquerades as a woguy to win a soap-opera duty.

Having won the soap opera part, by posing as actress "Dorothy Michaels," Michael (Dustin Hoffman) in a well known make-up sequence, with roommate Jeff (Bill Murray), then through disrobed colleague April (Geena Davis) in the dressing room, in Sydney Pollack"s Tootsie, 1982.

Angry that he wasn"t sent out to audition for the Eugene O"Neill play, Michael (Dustin Hoffman) rushes to check out his agent George (director Sydney Pollack), via whom he tangles about his career, a famed scene from Tootsie, 1982.

Michael (Dustin Hoffman), standing up erstwhile girlfrifinish Sandy (Teri Garr), and also well-known to his fellow soap opera actors members just as "Dorothy," arrives to run lines and also share dinner with new friend Julie (Jessica Lange) that, it transforms out, has a boy, in Tootsie, 1982.

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After the extended opening in which Michael (Dustin Hoffman) has no luck gaining any type of parts, we join the actor and his playwbest roommate Jeff (Bill Murray) working at the restaurant, heading home, meeting Sandy (Teri Garr) among others, in Sydney Pollack"s Tootsie, 1982.

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