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British celebrity cook Gordon Ramsay furiously comment to accusations the he ripped turn off Anthony Bourdain"s Parts Unknown with his national Geographic collection Uncharted.

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Bourdain died by suicide June 8 in a French hotel room when filming brand-new episodes for his fight show.

Ramsay has actually regularly challenged criticism around the new series, which to be announce the month ~ Bourdain"s catastrophic death. He will travel roughly the world, together Bourdain did, and shot signature dishes v locals as Bourdain did. The twist, however, is the Ramsay will certainly then compete versus the locals to recreate the dishes.

Ramsay insisted he"s been traveling approximately the world and trying foodstuffs with locals for years. "God, the feeble warriors the sit in their dungeons and also spout negativity without understanding what we"re doing," he said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly critical week. "I"ve to be doing assertive, combustial (sic) shows due to the fact that 2006 since I started The F Word—whether it"s diving for giant crab or hanging off a 500-meter cliff chasing puffins."

In his defense, there space multiple celebrity chefs who make a life doing this, specific Andrew Zimmern on take trip Channel"s Bizarre Foods.

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Ramsay, who is finest known because that shows favor Master chief and Hell"s Kitchen, stated he and the late Bourdain were close friends. "We to be on the red carpet together last year at the Emmys. Ns think he"d be happy and also impressed in ~ <Uncharted"s> level the jeopardy and also jumping right into these — Brazil, Peru, Alaska — and also sourcing significant ingredients and then highlighting several of the best talent the hasn"t to be noticed yet," Ramsay recalled come EW. "It"s a dream come true."


Gordon Ramsay slammed accusations that his brand-new show, "Uncharted," ripped turn off Anthony Bourdain"s "Parts Unknown." Above, the so late chef is pictured July 16, 2005 in Beverly Hills, California.Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesHe didn"t want people to judge his new show until they saw it. "The research going into is extraordinary," Ramsay said around Uncharted. "We"re half a billion homes, 177 countries, in 43 various languages. And also I can"t wait to do all those bitter, twisted, little, boring truckers that aren"t busy sufficient in their resides eat your words."

Like its star chef, nationwide Geographic also defended the series. "We space disappointed the the announcement of our upcoming series with Gordon Ramsay was taken the end of context," the network stated in a statement. "With nationwide Geographic"s storied history of exploration, our plan with this collection is to celebrate and also learn about local cultures approximately the world."