The town is an American drama television collection created by Mike Daniels that premiered on NBC on in march 19 and also ended on might 21, 2019. The series stars one ensemble cast including Moran Atias, Michaela McManus, Frankie Faison, Jerod Haynes, elegant Van Dien, Warren Christie, Daren Kagasoff, Lorraine Toussaint, and Dominic Chianese.

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The Rookie is one American police procedural drama television series created for abc by Alexi Hawley. The series follows man Nolan, a guy in his forties, who becomes the oldest rookie in ~ the Los Angeles Police Department. The collection is produced by abc Studios and also Entertainment One.

Charlie claims is a 2018 American biographical drama movie directed by mar Harron and starring Matt blacksmith as infamous killer Charles Manson. It had its human being premiere at the 75th Venice global Film Festival top top September 2, 2018 and also was exit on might 10, 2019, by IFC Films.

White well known is an American comedy television series starring Jay Pharoah, based on the life that Jamie Foxx, i beg your pardon aired top top Showtime from October 15, 2017 till December 10, 2017. The is co-created through Tom Kapinos, chris Spencer and Buddy Lewis, directed by Tim Story and Foxx, that will also be a recurring guest star.

Greenhouse Academy is a tween drama television series released by Netflix. Based upon the Israeli television series The Greenhouse (Ha-Hamama), developed by Giora Chamizer, the collection was adjusted for worldwide audiences by Chamizer and Paula Yoo. The very first season the the series was exit on Netflix ~ above September 8, 2017. The second season of this series was released on Netflix ~ above February 14, 2018, and also the third season was released top top October 25, 2019.

After the mysterious loss of their mother, estranged brother reunite and discover one unknown mythological force.
A woman goes on the run v her children to escape an abusive husband, who is the district Attorney. That puts the end an Amber Alert for them.
Psychological thriller in which 2 twin sisters relocate in through their aunt ~ their mother is inserted in psychiatric care.
The movie centers on Dr. Marcus, a famous psychiatrist who has actually selected 6 severe mentally ill and dangerous patients from the spring Valley mental Hospital come interview as part of research...

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Sets two young girls, Annette (Cassi Thomson) and also Molly (Samantha Cope) against a thief and murderer Dayton (Casper van Dien). ~ above the fateful night Dayton is pulled over by the cops just after a heist that went bad and ended with murder. The police don"t know about his crime yet they do obtain him for driving a stolen car. After ~ he offer his 18 months in jail for cool theft auto that is released only to find that Annette and Molly have actually purchased his storage locker; the contents of which is proof that could send him to prison for life and also just as crucial to Dayton the locker has precious keepsakes and also memories the his long dead mother. Now he wants his locker ago and will do anything to anyone that stands in his way. Annette and also Molly space unsuspecting targets together a mentally unstable Dayton infiltrates their lives, stalking lock in plain sight as he to adjust his trap to take ago his locker, perform away v the proof it contains and also then perform away with the only witnesses - the girls.