Sekyiwa Shakur, fondly nickcalled as “Set” by those closest to her, is the half-sister of Tupac. Although she determined a different technique to life from her brother, namely not being the center of attention for society, her fascinating tale is something worth discovering. So without additionally aperform, this is the life of Sekyiwa Shakur.


She was born on October 3, 1975, in East Harlem – a time and also location complete of riots and also disturbance. Sekyiwa shares the exact same mommy as Tupac – Afeni Shakur and also her father’s name is Mutulu Shakur. Their mother was an activist from an early age. Afeni and twenty fellow-Panthers were arrested on April 2, 1969, and charged via several counts of conspiracy to bomb police stations, department stores, and other public places in New York City.

Birth certificate, Tupac Amaru Shakur / Resurrection Book

Set was extremely different from her brvarious other in regards to her public figure – “I sort of prefer my privacy. Because, as checked out through my brother, his genuine name was his phase name, he couldn’t escape into a exclusive civilization. I didn’t want my identity out there.”


Sekyiwa remained in a connection through E.D.I. Mean (a member of Tupac’s group referred to as Outlawz) and as soon as she was still very young they had her first child – a wonderful boy that was called Malik. A few years later she gave birth to their daughter Nzingha.

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The parental fees inevitably separated yet the kids were still increased by both of them and also had actually a childhood much much better than the one of their mother.