Which zones space the quickest way to obtain hero points? I've been getting them in Maguuna woodland - however that takes as well long since there are too plenty of levels, are you need to spend a lot of time navigating the map.

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Are there any kind of zones that space easier and less time consuming? thanks.


I'm just coming back to guild wars because playing a bit earlier at launch. What is the hp train? have the expansions also now.

Maguuma Jungle, therefore Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depth and Dragon's stand hero points space the fastest method to get the 250 hero point out you need for her elite specs.

You can get 110 from VB, many of castle are straightforward soloable channels.

110 from AB, a bunch of champion boss to kill. Utilizing map chat or joining a Hero suggest Train on the LFG is recommended.

TD can gain a bit complicated to navigate, but there's a bunch of simple HP in there too.

Dragon's Stand's HP are all pretty simple to acquire once the meta is completed.

You can easily get 250 HP in one evening through hero allude trains.

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Are there any zones that space easier and also less time consuming?

No. Core Tyria maps space easier but far much more time consuming. A entirety map's precious of hero challenges will get you much less points than 2 warm ones. Girlfriend basically have actually a couple of options:

Keep act what you're doing, possibly with a guide. Just hunt them under yourself.

Wait for a hero point train. A command will guide you through enough points to unlock an elite field of expertise in an hour or two.

Play WvW. Rank-up chests and skirmish chests can both gain you Proofs the Heroics, which can be used to instantly complete hero challenges.

Take the slow and also easy method and complete obstacles in core maps. Over there aren't enough for a entirety elite spec unlock available, for this reason you'll still have to supplement with another method.

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Starter area are more than likely easiest but really, hot hero points space worth 10 i think? compared to the main point game's 1 per. Quickest would be warm if you have actually a good guide and also most the map and wp explored.

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I've map you part maps showing the simplest HP's to solo:

Map legend:

Red: very easy to solo.

Yellow: Soloable through a bit kiting.

Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths, Dragon's Stand

These are 26 HP's, yet you only require 25 to unlock every little thing from your elite spec.


VB: The HP near Jaka Itzel (North-East) can be done with stealth instead of fighting.

The two staying HP's "Vampire" and also "Coztic" can be done in a team pretty basic (there are regularly some groups, just inspect the LFG).

AB: You have the right to pull the boss from "Suspicious Orichalcum Node" (near Maguuma Shallows) to the WP. World will help you and you deserve to kite the easily.

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There are frequently LFG's because that Balthazar.

DS: simply do the meta event and gather all HP's. (I recognize this isn't solo, however still the fastest way without an HP train)