Looks like British pop star Ed Sheeran has actually spilled the T top top his best bud take care of Styles’ well-hung status.

In a recent interview with brand-new Zealand’s ZM Online, Sheeran to be asked to confirm a rumor that his track “Little Things” was written about his renowned friend’s small package.


“He definitely hasn’t obtained a tiny thing, so, no, ns did not write ‘Little Things’ about small things,” Ed replied around One Direction band member take care of Styles.

Sheeran likewise confirmed the it was indeed Harry in a nude photo that spread out online back in 2012, special a young dude standing in a bathroom acquisition a dic pic. (You can examine out the NSFW pic by clicking here)

“Did you recognize Harry leaked that photo himself? the leaked his very own picture….I think it’s amazing. That was similar to ‘no one knows.’”

I guess we execute now!

Watch the interview below:


h/t: NNN

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