If you ask me the best two methods to construct muscles, gain stronger and also burn fat is the combination of act calisthenics and boxing. The is what I have actually been doing for an ext than 2 years. Even if I’m end 30 now, i have better endurance and also stronger human body than ever before before.

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Bodyweight practice is an excellent training to develop lean muscles and functional strength. And there is no inquiry that the hefty bag exercise is the among the most valuable ways for cardio.

The finest is the you have the right to do both of those workouts at house if you have actually the XMark Deluxe power Tower with hefty Bag Stand. that is a robust pull up and also boxing station. With this compact equipment, you have the right to do the every the most advantageous bodyweight exercises and have hefty bag training together well.

The XM-2842 attributes a vertical knee raise, dip station, push-up station, break-up grip pull-up bar, and also heavy bag practice station. Inspect out the price in ~ Amazon here.

What you must know about Xmark Fitness XM-2842

Versatile – strength Training & Cardio Workout

It consists of a pull-up, dip, pushup and also leg advanced station. Carry out you need an ext to carry out the ideal bodyweight exercises? v these functions, you can train your whole upper body there is no going come the gym. The upright knee raise terminal is especially an excellent to combine abs.

Punching bag stand

You deserve to put a preferably 100 lbs (45 kg) bag at the earlier of the equipment. Punching the bag helps you come burn a lot of calories and rise your stamina. Not to mention it is terrific way to release stress.

Robust structure

Because the is a heavy bag practice station, it was made to be a really strong and also stable. (better than the various other models). You do not be afraid of wobbling. Your workouts will be much more comfortable and also safe.



Heavy bag no included

14-gauge steel building for stability and also durability.100 lb. Hefty bag capacity. Enough even for those who room at much better fitness level and also are used to boxing or other martial arts.Assembled Dimensions: 94” H x 54.5” x W, 62” L. Not to big, therefore you deserve to use it also in your room.It comes v all the functions (stands) to do the most beneficial bodyweight exercises at home.Free shipping.You need to assemble it, but it comes with simple to follow the manual. For most of the customers the was no a problem.


Unfortunately, this strength tower does not come with a bag so you will must buy one if you have actually not acquired yet.

However, it does not price an arm and also leg, and also you deserve to purchase a collection that contains everything you require for boxing, such together gloves, hand wraps, and so on.

The best product the this sort is indigenous Everlast. Ns recommended it since it has actually a good rating. Also, you can examine out our overview to heavy punching bags here.

Customer reviews & Scores

When I composed this evaluation of XMark Deluxe power Tower and also Heavy Bag stand XM-2842, based upon over 20 reviews, to be rated through over 4 stars ~ above Amazon.

The users like it since of it is versatile enabling them to have complete workouts at home. And also they discover it a secure machine.

On the various other hand, those who room not familiar with assembling discovered it difficult to placed together.

And few users think it is noisy. Well, I do not think it is a problem at all. If you have ever been in a boxing gym girlfriend know, that is no a quiet sport. You may want to ar a padding underneath on the floor to do it much less noisy.

Is it worth to buy?

Considering the so numerous possibilities that provides, i surely introduce it. As I said before, I do calisthenics and have beat bag training, and also I understand how powerful this combination is. If you obtain this power tower with punching bag stand, you will certainly have every little thing at residence to gain in shape, it is in stronger and develop your endurance. It have the right to be a useful component of your house boxing gym.



James Wright

James (36) has been working out due to the fact that he was 15 year old. He has actually a residence gym wherein he pumps iron, go bodyweight workouts and also boxing. The likes share his experiences through others who desire to build a far better physique.


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