13. Tony Hawk’s Shred

Why is Tony Hawk: Shred ranked above Ride? Well, bereason among them had actually to go listed below the other and it doesn’t really matter which. They both suck.

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That sassist, I will give Shred some crmodify. It tried to tighten up the gameplay a little bit and included snowboarding. But it sold worse than Ride and ended up forcing developer Robomodo and also publisher Activision to provide the series a break and attempt something various, which would lead to a couple of more games. Thankcompletely, none of them provided the skateboard controller.


12. Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam

Wanna recognize somepoint weird? Tony Hawk’s favorite levels in some of the older games are the crappy ones wright here you start at the peak of a level and race down to the bottom. I don’t know why. They were never before great. Anymeans, someone decided to take these bad levels and also make a game focused on only this type of gameplay. It additionally wasn’t excellent.

Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam was a launch game for the Wii, yet to this day I’ve never met anyone who actually played it. Gameplay included incredibly quick downhill races in which players can execute tricks and also knock various other skaters roughly via melee assaults...and yeah, okay, this is simply an SSX clone. Which can have actually worked, yet every little thing was bland and the skating was clunky, making it a chore to play.


11. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

On paper, this sounded favor a smart method to carry the franchise earlier after 2007’s Proving Ground. Go back to the basics, emphasis on pro skaters and smaller sized levels, and rerelocate a lot of the bloat and garbage the series had actually picked up over a decade of annualized releases. But the developer, Robomocarry out, didn’t have a lot time to make this game, and the finiburned product was...well..not finimelted.

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THPS5 was a technological nightmare, filled through bugs and glitches. The levels were ugly and some of the worst in the series. It also played favor crap, through skating that felt floaty, imexact, and just not fun. At some point, Robomocarry out would certainly cshed its doors after this game was released. And even the developers admitted their game was negative, tweeting to fans that they need to simply play the fan-produced THUGPro on COMPUTER rather of THPS5. Ouch.