(holds plural & third person present) (holding existing participle) (held previous tense & past participle ) (PHYSICALLY TOUCHING, SUPPORTING, OR CONTAINING) 

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1  verb When you hold  somepoint, you lug or assistance it, using your hands or your arms.  Hold the knife at an angle...  V n prep/adv He organized the pistol in his right hand...  V n   Hold is likewise a noun., n-count usu sing He released his hold on the cam.  
2  n-uncount 
Hold is offered in expressions such as grab host of, capture hold of, and acquire host of, to indicate that you cshed your hand tightly roughly something, for instance to stop something relocating or falling. N of n I was woken up by someone grabbing host of my sleeping bag..., A medical professional and a nurse captured hold of his arms...  
3  verb 
When you hold  someone, you put your arms round them, typically bereason you desire to display them exactly how a lot you prefer them or bereason you desire to comfort them.  If only he would certainly host her cshed to him.  V n adv, Also V n 
4  verb 
If you hold  someone in a particular position, you use force to store them in that place and soptimal them from moving.  He then hosted the male in an armlock until police arrived...  V n prep I"d gained 2 registered nurses holding me dvery own.  V n via adv, Also V n 
5  n-count 
A hold  is a specific method of maintaining someone in a position making use of your very own hands, arms, or legs.  ...use of an unauthorized hold on a handcuffed suspect.  
6  verb 
When you hold  a component of your body, you put your hand also on or against it, regularly because it harms.  Soon she was crying bitterly around the pain and also was holding her throat.  V n 
7  verb 
When you hold  a component of your body in a specific position, you put it into that position and store it there.  Hold your hands in front of your challenge...  V n prep/adv He walked at a rapid pace with his ago right and also his head held erect.  V-ed, Also V n adj 
8  verb 
If one thing holds one more in a particular position, it keeps it in that position. ...the wooden wedge which organized the hefty door open up...  V n via adv They provided steel pins to hold every little thing in place.  V n prep 
9  verb 
If one thing is offered to hold  one more, it is provided to keep it.  (=store) Two knife racks hold her favourite knives.  V n 
10  n-count 
In a ship or aeroaircraft, a hold  is a area wbelow cargo or luggage is stored.  oft n N A fire had been reported in the cargo organize.  
11  verb 
If a place holds somepoint, it keeps it available for recommendation or for future use. The Small Firms Service holds an enormous amount of information on any type of service problem...  V n 
12  verb 
If something holds a details amount of something, it can contain that amount. no cont One CD-ROM disk have the right to host over 100,000 peras of message.  V n 
13  verb 
If a vehicle holds the road well, it continues to be in cshed contact via the road and can be managed safely and quickly. I assumed the car hosted the road really well.  V n adv, Also V n 

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