I"m a fan of Menards. They always seem to have super excellent deals as soon as things go on sale. I haven"t shopped HD or Lowes tooa lot.

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Due to the fact that I"m a veteran I acquire a 10% discount at HD. Then I"ve been buying a fewHDgift cards for 20% off. Combining the gift cards adn the 10%I"m still thinking even with the discounts - Menards lowest price will probably be lower.Someone told me if I buy at Menards on Sunday - they have actually last weeks and also this weeks promovement running so you have the right to double dip?

Which perform you feel has the ideal prices? Or ideas to minimize task costs?

I"m not doing much volume so contractor desks and also bulk discounts don"t help much.



HD does price complement to other stores, so I attempt to buy as much as possible from HD. I buy volume, so I acquire volume discounts.

With the 20% off gift cards and also 10% veterans discount, I would be surprised if Menards is still cheaper. If it is, you deserve to ask HD to execute a price match and then use your gift cards.


Kirk R. Any investor have the right to put up a "commercial account" w lowes that entitles them to a discount Also discount arrangements are available from many type of companies by means of your regional REIA.


Kirk R. You forgained to add the last part to your question.

Your Q: "Which carry out you feel has the ideal prices?"

Finished Q:"Which execute you feel has the ideal prices....today, for what I am presently buying?"

You watch, it all counts on what you are buying at the time you are buying it. This is where the REI earns their earnings...managing (time, people), and MONEY.


Also, price vs. quality vs. selection vs. organization vs. time. We don"t have Menard"s stores in our area, but I"ve been to them when visiting the midwest. Nice stores. With HD and Lowe"s I notification some minor differences in the quality and selection ofinventory that will lead me to shop at HD for some points and Lowe"s for various other points. As
Joe Villeneuve points out, it is a point in time decision for what you are currently buying.I will sometimesgo to a higher priced area hardware save for some points because of the service I obtain and also how fast I have the right to obtain in and out!

I think it counts on what you are buying and as soon as you are buying it. Menard"s has actually some good sales and rebates on items that you don"t check out as a lot of at HD or Lowe"s (drywall is on sale best now at Menard"s). But perform you require it once it is on sale? Can you wait till the sale to buy it?

Tright here is likewise a different product mix at each of the stores. Menard"s simply pertained to our area and also I am super excited around their 3 bulb dome lights. The older dwellings I invest in have bigger rooms through tall ceilings. 2 bulb lights leave the rooms dim and also dingy looking. The just 3 bulb lights I might discover at HD or Lowe"s were "designer" layouts starting at $50 each. Menard"s has fundamental 3 bulb dome lights 2 for $25. That resolved a huge trouble for me and conserved me money. It seems to me that Menard"s has actually a bigger selection of the reduced priced items than the various other two.

I do not favor the electric section at Menard"s at all. It"s overwhelming and I can not seem to uncover points as quickly as I deserve to at HD or Lowe"s so I won"t waste my time in that section. But their plumbing section is easier to navigate and also has 2 packs of pex parts similar to what HD and also Lowe"s charge for 1 packs. HD has the ideal electrical panel to satisfy my requirements as I upgrade every one of my properties.HD additionally has actually better light switch and also outlet covers. I like Lowe"s over HD for non-basic lighting selection. Lowe"s additionally has actually much better timber than HD. I"ve heard good points about Menard"s lumber yet haven"t purchased any type of from there yet.

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Half of my properties are closer to Lowe"s than HD with the various other half closer to HD than Lowe"s so that determines wright here I go a lot of of the time. Menard"s is building a brand-new store that I pass on my means to job-related so I will speak at any type of of the 3 relying on when and where I need somepoint. Although I have noticed that some of the more recent stores (Lowe"s and Menard"s in my area) are situated in TIF locations and charge an additional 1%-2% sales taxation to finance the TIF. If it"s somepoint that I need best ameans, it"s not worth conserving 1%-2% to spfinish the time to go to a different save. If it"s a big order, I keep in mind the extra taxation as soon as comparing prices or will purchase at a different Lowe"s or Menard"s that doesn"t have a TIF taxation.