Guys, space you in search of some tips to be even sexier in bed? in search of ways come seduce your woman just a little further? If you require some aid (even if you just need some extra tips!), you’ve involved the ideal place. Here is a list of 10 amazingly sexy things men do in bed. 

Nibbling On your Ear indigenous Behind

Many of united state women room suckers for the ear nibble. We love to feeling our partners breath on ours skin and also the slim sting the their this nibbling our earlobe, our cartilage can be sufficient to drive united state over the edge.

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Tickle Every part Of her Body – except Your Genitals

This move is pure torture but easily among the sexiest. When they touch your body almost everywhere with just the light touch of their fingertips. We all know how an excellent it feels once our companion runs their fingers gently approximately our backs, or our arms when we’re sit together. 

Imagine that gentle touch running up her thighs. Emotion it begin at the calf of her leg and winding it’s means up to her inner thigh, but stopping just short. Yessssssss. The sexy things guys do in bed deserve to melt us appropriate to ours toes.


Hold You chop – for this reason You can Feel Every Muscle Working

This is among my favorite on this list of 10 sexy things males do in bed. Ns love it when a guy holds me supervisor tight, no issue if he is behind me or in prior of me because I can feel every muscle in his body functioning to please me. I have the right to feel the muscles in his eight holding me. The muscle in his abs as he moves and thrusts. The toughness of his legs working. The muscle in his tongue as he wrestles through mine.

Uffda. It’s suddenly very hot in here.

Make Eye Contact

This is the NUMBER ONE sexy thing men do in bed. Don’t nearby those beautiful brown eyes, Baby. Watch me right in the face. Watch me best in the eyes v each movement. Look into my eyes choose you space digging because that my soul. Keep those eyes open as you breathe deep and also your human body moves gradually with mine. Clock my human body arch, watch my lips part. Watch together my eye close in slim pleasure.


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It’s an incredibly sexy minute for both of you.

What are some of the sexiest things your male does in bed? Share with us in the comments!

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