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\"Easy to be Hard\" is a tune from the rock musical Hair. That was composed by Galt MacDermot, James Rado, and also Gerome Ragni, who placed the musical with each other in the mid-1960s. The initial recording of the musical featuring the song was released in may 1968 v the song being sung through Lynn Kellogg, who performed the duty of Sheila on stage in the musical. The song was first covered through American band 3 Dog Night on your 1969 album an ideal for Framing, with the command vocal component sung by chuck Negron, and also was developed by Gabriel Mekler. 3 Dog Night\"s version of the song got to number 4 on the Billboard hot 100 in 1969, and also was ranked number 33 ~ above Billboard\"s warm 100 song of 1969.more »

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How can human being be so heartlessHow can people be so cruelEasy to be hardEasy to be coldHow can people have no feelingsHow deserve to they disregard their friendsEasy to be proudEasy come say noEspecially human being who care around strangersWho care around evil and social injusticeDo you just care around being proudHow around I require a friend, I need a friendHow can people be so heartlessYou know I\"m hung increase on youEasy to be proudEasy come say noEspecially people who care around strangersWho care about evil and also social injusticeDo you just care around being proudHow around I need a friend, I need a friendHow can civilization be therefore heartlessHow can civilization be for this reason cruelEasy to it is in proud, simple to speak noEasy to it is in gone, easy to to speak noCome on, straightforward to obtain readEasy come say noBut too straightforward to be coldEasy to say noBut too simple to to speak no

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3 Dog Night 3 Dog Night is one American absent band ideal known for your music native 1968 come 1975. This very successful vocal-centric absent band formed in 1968 with a lineup consisting of Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and also Chuck Negron. The 3 lead singers to be backed by Jimmy Greenspoon (organ), Joe Schermie (bass), Mike Allsup (guitar) and also Floyd Sneed (drums).

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With their distinctive and also sometimes extraordinary harmonic blend, the tape registered an superior 21 Billboard peak 40 access time (with 3 hitting number one) between 1969 and 1975. Their startling variation of john Lennon and also Paul McCartney’s ‘\"It’s because that You’\" typified the band at their best, but it was their original arrangements of the work of lesser-known authors that carried welcome exposure and considerable royal… an ext »