The legion, in biological classification, is a non-obligatory taxonomic rank within the Linnaean hierarchy.

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Taxonomic rank

In zoological taxonomy, the legion is:

Legions might be grouped right into superlegions or subseparated right into sublegions, and these aacquire right into infralegions.

Use in zoology

Legions and also their super/sub/infra groups have actually been employed in some classifications of birds and mammals. Full usage is made of all of these (in addition to cohorts and also supercohorts) in, for example, McKenna and also Bell"s classification of mammals.

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Wow! (online service)

Wow! (styled WOW!) was an online business run by in 1996 and beforehand 1997. Started in March 1996, it was initially thmust be an boosted version of CompuServe"s software, however it was later on announced that it would certainly be a user-friendly stand-alone "family" online company and also was widely advertised on TV as such. Wow! was the initially internet company to be readily available through a monthly "unlimited" rate ($17.95) and stood out because of its brightly colored, seemingly peras.

The initially release of this routine was rather buggy, with many random shutdooccupychristmas.orgs of the company and also loss of email messages. The company occurred a tiny, yet incredibly loyal fan base. However before, this was not enough and also the organization was shut dvery on January 31, 1997.

Tright here is a strong team of "WOWIES" that have actually dealt with on for years after its demise, to stay linked through chat groups, and also a welug. This team believes they were "sold out" by Compuserve bereason the organization was being bought out by AOL, that began offering a $19.95 boundless company as it was shutting dvery WOW.

Wow (Superbus album)

Wow is the third album from the French power pop team Superbus. It got to the 6th location on French album charts. It was released on 16 October 2006.

Track listing

All tracks by Jennifer Ayache

"Le Rock à Billy" (Billy"s Rock) - 2:01 "Ramdam" - 3:16 "Butterfly" - 3:52 "Over You" - 2:43 "Lola" - 2:58 "Tiens Le Fil" (Hold the Wire) - 2:01 "Un Peu De Douleur" (A Little Pain) - 2:47 "Let Me Hold You" - 3:15 "On Monday" - 4:21 "Travel the World" - 3:47 "Jenn Je T"aime" (Jenn I Love You) - 3:16 "Ça Mousse" (It"s Frothing) - 3:11 "Breath "(bonus track) - 3:45 "Heart of glass" (iTunes Bonus Track) "Travel the World" (at Mme Krapabelle a frappe Bart Simpchild concert) - 3:47


Jennifer Ayache, aka Jenn. – vocalsPatrice Focone, aka Pat. – guitar, backing vocals)Michel Giovannetti, aka Mitch. – guitar)François Even, aka Küntz. – bass, backing vocals)Greg Jacks, (drums)
Karl Wolf

Carl Abou Samah (Arabic: كارل أبو سمح‎; born April 18, 1979) much better recognized by his phase name Karl Wolf is a Lebanese-born Canadian musician based in Montgenuine, Quebec, Canada. He has been a singer, songwriter and producer considering that 2001, releasing his initially solo album Face Behind the Face on MapleNationwide/Universal in January 2006, adhered to by a second album Bite the Bullet in November 2007. His 3rd album Nightlife was released on November 17, 2009 adhered to by Finally Freeon July 10, 2012. Thunstable his firm, Lone Wolf Management, Karl Wolf also manages a variety of new artists. In 2015, he announced a brand-new cooperation under the name BAE (Be All Equal) with Show Stephens, Brenda Mullen and also producer MasterTrak. Karl simply signed two brand-new global deals in Los Angeles, one for a publishing contract via BMG and also one more Digital "Youtube" attend to Collective Digital Studios.

Early years

Wolf was born as Carl Abou Samah in Beirut, Lebanon. He relocated on through his family members to Dubai, UAE when he was three-years-old because of the civil war in Lebanon. He studied in UAE"s New Indian Model School. In an interview through Shave Magazine, Karl defined that in Arabic, his family name (Abou Samah) implies "father of forgiveness". His stage name "wolf" comes from a nickname he received on his high institution basketball team bereason he was the smallest and quickest in his team. He also claims his mommy and also father drove him to a career in music. Wolf"s mom was a piano teacher and also his father played guitar, drums and the conventional Middle Eastern oud.

Flight (Lessing story)

"Flight" is a 1957 short story by Doris Lessing. It encounters an old male who is versus his eighteen-year-old granddaughter obtaining married, bringing him into problem via not only her and her fiance, however additionally his daughter, that was herself married also younger and also whose various other three daughters have actually already been married.


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No. 1409 Flight RAF

1409 (Meteorological) Flight was created on 1 April 1943 to administer meteorological information for RAF Bomber Command also and also the USAAF. Equipped via unarmed de Havilland Mosquito aircraft, the crews of the Flight took on lengthy selection meteorological reconnaissance flights until the finish of the 2nd World War in Europe and ongoing in this function till 1946.

Formed at RAF Oakington as part of the disbandment of 521 Squadron, the Flight was part of No. 8 Group RAF, the Pathfinders. Flying as single aircraft the goals were codecalled PAMPA (Photorecce And Meteorological Photography Aircraft).

In January 1944 the Flight relocated to RAF Wyton where it remained until July 1945 once it relocated to RAF Uphardwood. In October 1945 the Flight was moved to No. 47 Group RAF and also partially re-equipped via Consolidated Liberator aircraft in enhancement to its Mosquitos at RAF Lyneham. The Flight was disbanded at Lyneham in May 1946.

Throughout the battle the Flight flew 1,364 operations for a loss of only 3 aircraft.

Flight (novel)

Flight is a novel composed by Shermale Alexie. It is written in the first-perkid, from the viewallude of a Native Amerihave the right to teenager that calls himself Zits, "a time traveling mass murderer." Zits is a foster son, having invested the majority of his life relocating from one negative or abusive family experience to another. His friend, Justice, introduces Zits to a brand-new way of thinking, and to the concept of committing random violence. Just in the middle of one of these events, Zits is thrust into the body of a stranger—which would certainly become the initially of many kind of equivalent events. The story confronts Zits" feelings of vulnercapability as a mistaken teenager, orphan, and as a Native Amerihave the right to perboy.

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Plot summary

Flight starts with Zits waking up in a new foster house. Not liking his new family, he shoves his foster mommy against the wall and also runs out the door. Eventually Officer Dave catches up via him and takes him to jail. While in jail Zits meets Justice, a young white boy who takes Zits under his wing. When Zits is released from jail he finds Justice and they start their training on exactly how to shoot people. Once Justice believes Zits is all set to commit a real crime, he sends out him off to a financial institution. After opening fire in the lobby, Zits perceives he has actually been shot in the head, inevitably sending him ago in time.