For many type of, New Braunfels is known sindicate as “that little bit town ideal prior to San Antonio.” You understand the one: if you blink, you just could miss out on the appropriate exit and also “New Braunfels” authorize on your means down I-35. Others understand it purely as the home of Würstfest and also the belovedly quirky New Braunfels Unicorns. For a reasonably small tvery own just skirting San Antonio’s burgeoning metropolis, New Braunfels is far from a typical suburb. In reality, it can be explained as a delightful fusion of Austin’s novelty and also the Hill Country’s welcoming cinjury.

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And while many city-dwellers assume that high-rises are premium, inhabitants of New Braunfels have uncovered the oppowebsite reality to be true: the community’s charm lies in its capacity to retain that “tiny town” setting. Because, while San Antonio is wonderful and we wouldn’t readjust anypoint around it... it’s just not New Braunfels. Here are just a couple of unique regional prizes to prove it:

1. The River Advantage


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Located at the crossroads of the crystal-clear Comal and the ever-well-known Guadalupe, New Braunfels has actually come to be a hub of aqua-adventure and basic outdoorsiness. The local landscape is the famed host of camping trips, tubing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, swimming, fishing, and so much more. Gorgeous, well-preserved trails and parks permit for biking, hiking, and picnicking. On any type of provided Summer afternoon, New Braunfels is a type of Texan utopia: inviting, refreshing, and also ready to lug you dvery own the river with a Yeti complete of Shiner.

2. Serious Hill Counattempt Vibes

Some pieces of San Antonio have actually Hill Country views...however why clear up for a watch once you can plant yourself smack dab in the middle of all the beauty? The rolling Hill Counattempt isn’t supposed to be trained into a window frame: it"s a wild landscape, intended to be skilled in eextremely way! New Braunfels occupants fully adopt the local ecodevice, hiking and also biking on trails, kayaking dvery own the Guadalupe, taking scenic Sunday drives through nation roadways, and also spfinishing Saturday afternoons on the river.

3. Live Caves


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Given the organic beauty of the Hill Country’s topography, it’s practically no surprise that an equally beautiful landscape lies beneath the surconfront. Touring the wide-open caves of the Hill Counattempt feels favor setting foot into one more civilization. Over long durations of time, a stable circulation of water hollowed out the herbal limestone to create these fairly mysterious formations. New Braunfels’ regional favoriteisNatural Bridge underground adundertaking that you truly can’t uncover in the city.

4. Small Tvery own Festivals ...particularly, Wurstfest

While San Antonio deserve to host big-name concerts and some enormous festivals and also gatherings, Hill Counattempt towns sell a totality new brand also of community celebration. Throughout these festivals, there’s a cleardistinction in between being a spectator and also part of the area. Regular festivals and also occasions encompass Old Gruene Market Days, Gospel Brunch, Guadalupe River Troutfest, the Vintage Guitar and also Instrument Show, Quiltfest, Wein & Sangerfest...and the king of them all: Wurstfest, the glorious 10-day salute to saconsumption. No issue your age, interests, or bedtime, New Braunfels more than likely hosts a festival perfect for you and your crowd. In the end, all we deserve to say is: New Braunfelsdefinitely knows how to have a dang excellent time celebrating anything (and also we really execute mean anything). Foodies, music snobs, and Instagrammers have the right to rejoice at the creativity and celebrations held by this tvery own.

5. Texas Wine Trail


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These days, we can’t assist yet alert that “Texas Hill Country” is virtually inseparable from and also interchangeable through the term “Texas Wine Counattempt.” Not only is this area the epicenter of the Texas wine society, it’s also grown rapidly in nationwide acknowledgment for its high quality vineyards, In the past 10 years, the amount of wineries and wine instances in Texas has actually even more than quadrupled, ranking our lone star state as thefifthlargest wine producer.Naturally, New Braunfels and the surrounding location is an integral component of The Texas Wine Trail. The very same rocky hills and also bluffs that produce tremendous views also develop appropriate problems for vineyards and winemaking. Age-old abilities and recipes have actually merged through Texas-top quality soil, grapes, and other ingredients to flourish and also brew some of the ideal sipping in the nation. Dry Comal Creek Vineyards, Blue Lotus Winery, and The Vineyard at Gruene are simply a few of the regional favorites!

6. Founder’s Oak

Perhaps nopoint brings together New Braunfels’ deep feeling of history and also herbal beauty better than Founder’s Oak in Landa Park. Planted around the year 1700, this sprawling live oak tree was officially named a “Famous Tree of Texas” by the state. Its budding branches are truly a piece of the city and also have borne witness to considerable events throughout the state’s frontier background.

7. Historic Gruene + Gruene Hall


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Officially within the New Braunfels city limits, Gruene is a historic town within a tvery own. Though the land was initially settled in 1872 through the intention of building a prosperous cotton farm, it has actually currently grown right into a tradition of the Hill Counattempt days of old. A designated Texas Historic Landnote, the area boasts the elegant Gruene Mansion Inn, the famed Gristmill restaurant, thebelovedGruene Hall, as well as awide variety of adorable shops, restaurants, and regional business. Gruene Hall in specific stands as a area landmark: a bar and also dance hall from the 1880’s, this iconic venue ended up being the town’s social epicenter and later drew in plenty of star performers. Willie Nelson and also George Strait are simply a couple of of the legends who have actually graced Gruene Hall’s classic wood floors!

8. Schlitterbahn

Alideal, so San Antonio claims SeaWorld. But if you told New Braunfels citizens that the Alamo City witnessed itself as #1 in the area’s novelty aquasociety, they’d more than likely laugh a tiny and also say, “That’s sweet.” Novelty exhibits and also pets are nothing compared to the adventure that is Schlitterbahn...called the world"s ideal water park by Amusement Today! Schlitterbahn’s sprawling complex uses over seventy acres of splashy fun, from adventurous rides to leisucount floats. Nestled appropriate up against the crystal-clear waters of the Comal River, this mega waterpark boasts over 40 rides, consisting of Congo River Expedition, Hillside Tube Chute, Skycoaster, Sea Creature Cave, and a Tadpole Kiddie Pool...not to mention plenty of leisudepend spots to lay out and relax.

9. Legendary Wildflower Status


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Longhorns and also cowboy boots absolutely have actually their area as Texas symbols, however maybe no single object is even more dear to the heart of Texans than bluebonnets. When Spring and Summer roll approximately, fields, valleys, and lawns involved life with bursts of violet, pinks, and also yellows. Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, and also Buttercups are sweet reminders of the wild delicateness of the Hill Counattempt landscape. Besides being a Hill Country town wbelow wildflowers prosper (examine regional spottings here), New Braunfels has actually a unique insurance claim to these blooms. As the previous house of Ferdinand also Jacob Lindheimer (the “Father of Texas Botany”), New Braunfels has maintained this renowned gardener’s former house and also landscaping. You can tour his year-round gardens and previous house by scheduling a tour!

10. A Tight-Knit Community

Though simply a couple of miles north on I-35, New Braunfels is distinctly even more Hill Counattempt town than metropolis San Antonio. Perhaps among the qualities that shows this finest is New Braunfels’ feeling of tight-knit area. By sustaining local businesses and also investing heavily in their town, citizens have actually been fighting for their thriving community because its founding days. New Braunfels residentsearn the loyalty and respect of their neighbors, encourage creative thinking and also invention among regional service owners, and recognize how to belly-laugh through old friends.

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11. The Best Mascot: The Unicorns


Image Courtesy of the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung

Go Unicorns! Other than eliciting chuckles and also photos from visitors and also road-trippers, this longtime mascot of New Braunfels High School has influenced a society of institution soul that’s truly unchoose any kind of other. As the only “Unicorns” in the state, this quirky choice of mascot has actually put New Braunfels on the map...and also multiple “Weirdest Mascots” lists: Funniest High School Mascots in Texas, Unbelievable High School Mascots, and also Oddest High School Mascot in Eincredibly State, to name a few. Way to uncover a mascot as distinctive as you are, New Braunfels.


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