Here you are looking to understand how lengthy a game of volleyround is. Whether you are playing recreationally, competitively, or you will be watching a game of volleyround, it is understandable to wonder what you are getting yourself into.

A typical enhance of volleysphere is played in a best 2-out-of-3 sets. An average set will certainly take about 25 minutes. Using rally scoring, the initially team to reach 25 points is declared the winner of the set. A enhance of volleyball need to take in between 60 and 90 minutes, consisting of potential timeouts and also breaks.

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To much better understand the size of a volleyball game, let’s check out all the time-consuming facets of a volleysphere enhance. I’ll be breaking dvery own a number of steps and also rules, such as the size of rallies, sets, matches, and timeouts.

How Long Is a Set in Volleyball?

Contrary to other sports prefer hocvital or soccer, volleyball has no restriction on time. The game proceeds till a winner arises by winning the appropriate variety of points or sets. Not just that, however the duration of a game have the right to vary significantly in length relying on skill level, rally size, and also various other game rules.

Tright here are a variety of procedural elements to a game of volleyball that deserve to extend the duration of the complement, yet on average the length of a game in minutes will certainly follow closely the number of points essential to win the collection. If the collection is to 25 points, the set will take approximately 25 minutes, if the collection is to 15 points, the collection will certainly take 15 minutes. This is bereason it is prevalent to watch one to 2 points being earned each minute in a game of volleyball.

Many other factors will certainly affect the duration of a set, such as the skill level. The better the ability level, the more qualified and also aggressive each play becomes. The more the players are skilled, the more volleysphere will certainly be played at a faster pace. However before, even at the peak levels, evenly matched adversaries can still lengthen the duration of a game as points will certainly still be earned somewhat evenly, forcing the lengthening of a collection.

How Many Points Needed to Success a Set?

As stated in my initial answer above, a team requires 25 points to win a collection. This would certainly intend a team will have to win at leastern 25 rallies. That being sassist, volleyround has actually a dominance equivalent to the deuce dominance in tennis. In order to win, this rule requires that a team reach a differential of at least two points at or over 25 (i.e. 26-24). Often, this dominance will certainly cap the points at 30 points, which suggests a team might theoretically win through a last score of 30-29.

The number of sets deserve to additionally adjust the variety of points needed to win. In the occasion of a tie-breaker set, the variety of points forced to win the set will certainly readjust to 15. For instance, in the third enhance of a 2-out-of-3, the winning team would certainly be the initially team to reach 15 points. However, the deuce preeminence still applies right here, requiring a differential of at leastern two points. In this last set, the points cap is then adjusted to 20 points.


How Many kind of Sets in a Game of Volleyball?

There are many type of different competitive settings or format in volleyround that will influence the length of a match. Here are the 3 the majority of widespread enhance layouts uncovered in competitive volleyball; the 2-out-of-3, the 3-out-of-5, and also the best out of 2.

Match Formats and also Their Length


To win a 2-out-of-3, a team must win 2 sets. The initially 2 sets are played to 25 points. In the occasion of a 3rd set, the number of points required to win is readjusted to 15.

The 2-out-of-3 is the prevalent format of matches uncovered in low and also medium ability level tournament and competitive settings. This format is more popular at these levels because it permits for a long competition and also offers methods for each team to explore methods and also adapt to the opposing team.

As stated in my initial answer, the average length of a 2-out-of-3 is between 60 and also 90 minutes.


To win a 3-out-of-5, a team should win 3 sets. The first four sets are played to 25 points. In the event of a firth collection, the variety of points forced to win is adjusted to 15.

This format is supplied in a lot of high-level competitions, such as college and skilled volleyround. Additionally, many high-school level competitions will likewise use this format for most tournament or seakid championship finals.

Just like the 2-out-of-3, this format allows for a better competition wright here each team have the right to strategize, learn, and adapt to their enemies as the complement progresses. More importantly, this much longer format requires endurance and also perseverance.

Following my estimate of 25 minutes per set, the average size of a 3-out-of-5 is in between 90 and 150 minutes.

Best Out of 2

The best out of 2 is a format wbelow only 2 sets are played, regardmuch less of that wins. The sets deserve to end at 1 match each or at 2-0. The various other difference is that this format needs that the outcomes and also points be maintained and also submitted. In the occasion of a tie, 1-1, the scoring difference have the right to act as the tie-breaker. For instance, the first collection is won 25-21 for team A, the second collection is won 25-23 for team B. In this scenario, the event/competition organizer have the right to observe that team A scored more points (25+23 = 48 points) than team B (21+25=46), hence advertising team A the winner.

This format is provided in some forms of tournaments wright here room and/or time may be issues for the organizers. Knowing that each game will certainly be minimal to 2 sets, via an average length of 25 minutes per collection, allows for the organizers to plan the tournament via more precise time-slots and fewer delays.

Once again, complying with my estimate of 25 minutes per collection, the average size of a best out of 2 would certainly reliably be approximately 50 to 60 minutes.

How Long Is a Rally?

In volleyround, 2 groups compete in rallies wbelow one suggest is to be earned. A rally have the right to be as short as much less than 1 second or have the right to technically last upwards of 20 secs or even more, depending on each team’s performance. On average, a rally will be played and conclude in around 4 to 8 seconds.

Rally Length in Professional Volleyball

In 2016, the Fédération Internationale de Volleyround (FIVB) completed a report called “Picture of the Game” that aimed to investigate and also collect information f on instrumental signs of the game by analyzing games from the 2016 Rio Olympics. The report identified the average rally duration at the expert level for both men’s and women’s volleyround, as watched in the table below.

Rally DurationMenWomen
Typical rally5,51 seconds7,25 seconds
Median rally without pseudo-rallies6,9 seconds8,25 seconds
You can find their full report right here.

The report chose to separate the averperiods right into two numbers to highlight the visibility of pseudo-rallies. This form of rally happens when the server will either land also the round directly to the ground on the opposing side (an Ace), force a reception error, or sindicate fail to have actually the sphere enter the play, hence ending the rally instantly. In other words, these rallies really take less than one second and also still lead to one team earning a suggest.

What Is a Rally?

A rally is the actions that take location as soon as the ball is understood “in play” wright here both groups contend to earn the point. In a game of volleyball, each rally starts when the ball is put in play by the team through sphere possession with a company. The team that won the preceding rally gets possession of the ball and will certainly be forced to serve. Following the referee’s whistle, the rally starts when the sphere enters play after the player serves the ball to the opposing team. Once the round is throughout the net, the team is allowed 3 contacts to rerotate the balmost everywhere their opponent’s side of the court, and also so on.

A rally can finish in many type of methods. Normally, the primary way a rally will certainly finish is by having actually the ball make call with the ground. Utilizing different techniques and methods, each team will attempt to make the sphere land on the opponent’s side of the court to score a allude.

For even more indevelopment concerning the different ways of scoring a allude in volleyround, please review the main FIVB rulebook.

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Other Time Rules/Elements Volleyball

In volleysphere, tbelow are many actions that take location throughout the course of a match that make the game take more time. These include a warmup session, timeouts, and also miscellaneous other breaks. It is important for coaches and also players to understand these rules and also various other aspects to avoid game penalties or other aftermath.