Chlorine, achemical aspect with the symbol Cl and atomic number 17, is an extremely reactiveaspect and also strongest oxidizing agent as it has the greatest electron affinity and3rd greatest electronegativity according to the Pauli range among theelements.

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One of the mostwidespread compounds in the chemical sector and also real-life intake constituentsodium chloride (NaCl) has chlorine. It is supplied as sanitation, disinfection,antiseptics, weapons in world battle I, and also other so many kind of things.

You are right here toknow valence electrons of a chlorine atom, aren’t you? Don’t issue in addition to chlorinevalence electrons we will certainly describe its valency also. But before that let’s havesome basic concepts about what these 2 terms are:

Difference BetweenValence Electrons and also Valency

Valence electronsare the total variety of electrons current in the outera lot of shell of an atom(i.e. in outermost orbital). The valence electrons for a neutral atom arealways definite, it cannot be varied (more or less) in any condition for aspecific atom and might or might not be equal to its valency.


Valency is definedas the total variety of electrons an atom have the right to lose, get, or share at the timeof bond development to acquire a secure digital configuration i.e. to complete anoctet. The valency of an atom can be variable in different compounds orchemical reactions because of the various bonding circumstances. Many of the timevalency varies/alters because of readjust in oxidation and reduction says.

Chlorine (Cl)Valence Electrons

There are fourstraightforward actions to discover out the valence electrons for chlorine atom which are:

Tip 1: Find theAtomic Number


To discover out theatomic number of chlorine, we can usage the periodic table. With the help of theroutine table, we deserve to easily check out that the atomic number of chlorine is 17. Asits atomic number is 17, it has 17 prolots, and also for neutral chlorine, thenumber of prolots is constantly equal to the number of electrons i.e. has actually 17electrons in its nucleus.

Step 2: WriteElectron Configuration


Electronconfiguration is the arrangement of electrons on the orbitals. The chlorineatom has actually a total of 17 electrons so, we have to put 17 electrons in orbitals.The electrons will be put in various orbitals according to the energylevel: <1s, 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p, 4s, 3d, 4p, 5s, 4d, 5p, 6s, 4f, 5d, 6p, 7s, 5f>.Now,

Chlorine electronconfiguration Cl (17) =1s22s22p63s23p5(completeconfiguration).

= 3s²3p⁵(condensed configuration).

Tip 3: DetermineValence Shell

As we know, thevalence shell of an atom can be discovered from the highest possible number of principlequantum numbers which are expressed in the term of n, and also in 3s²3p⁵, thegreatest worth of n is 3 so that the valence shell of chlorine is3s²3p⁵.

Tip 4: FindValence Electrons

The full number ofelectrons present in the valence shell of an atom are dubbed valence electrons,and there are a complete of seven electrons current in the valence shell of chlorine(3s²3p⁵). Hence,chlorine has seven valence electrons.

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Valency of Chlorine(Cl)

Tright here are manyvarious methods to find out the valency of an atom which shows the ability ofan atom to bond through various other atoms. Valence defines just how quickly an atom or acomplimentary radical deserve to combine via other chemical species. The valency of an atom isfigured out based upon the number of electrons shed, got, or shared withan additional atom at the moment of bond development.

An atom is said tobe stable when its outerthe majority of shells have eight electrons (other than H & He).If the full variety of electrons in outermost shells is in between one to four,the atom has positive valency and if electrons are between four to eight, thevalency is calculated by subtracting from eight and also valency will certainly be zero. Atomshaving actually 4 outermost electrons possess both positive and also negative valency, andatoms having eight outermost electrons, valency will certainly be zero (i.e. noblegases).

Elements favor chlorinedeserve to reach the stable state (nearemainder inert gas configuration: Ar) by gaining oneelectron.So that the valency of chlorine is 1.

Mathematically, thedigital configuration of chlorine is 2, 8, 7. And as we recognize, if electronsin outermany shell exceed from 4, it should be subtracted from 8. So,

ElectronConfiguration of chlorine (Cl) = 2, 8, 7

We deserve to see the outera lot of shell of chlorine has 7 electrons so, need to subtract it from 8.

8 – 7 = 1

That’s why valencyof chlorine is 1.

Note: In basic, chlorinehas actually a steady oxidation state of -1 a lot of of the time however it deserve to differ insome compounds via worths 0 (Cl2), +1 (NaClO), +3 (NaClO2), +4 (ClO3), +5 (NaClO3),+7 (NaClO4). Do not confusage with -1 or something else (+1, +3, +4, and so on.) via positive or negative indicators, it is just an oxidation number that have the right to differ from compound to compound. But its valency is always 1 in any kind of case.

In an additional feeling, achlorine atom deserve to develop a maximum of one covalent bond in a chemical bonding (Forexample: HCl, CCl4, CaCl2, etc.), and that what valency is, the maximum abilityto develop bonds with atoms at the time of chemical bonding.

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We can likewise findthe valency of chlorine through the aid of the routine table. As chlorinebelongs to team 17 (17A or VIIA) along with fluorine (F), bromine (Br), and also iodine(I), and also astatine (At). These team aspects are additionally referred to as halogens. All theseaspects have actually valency one.