Down To Earth: 10 Things To Know About Darin Olien On Down to Earth, Zac Efron talks around nature via Darin Olein. We recognize Zac, however who precisely is Darin?

In July of 2020, Netflix released Dvery own to Earth through Zac Efron. The eight-episode documentary complies with the actor on a pilgrimage of a life time to learn even more about our human being, different cultures, and just how to make a bigger influence for a safer setting. Right next to Efron is health guru Darin Olien. Darin and also Zac are 2 massive names in their respective fields and they come together as one for the higher great of mankind.

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While everyone watching Down to Earth is acquainted via Zac, others are just being presented to Olien. The 49-year-old made a splash through viewers and this particular day, we"re taking a look at 10 points to recognize around the impressive health nut.

It"s discussed in the documentary"s development that Olien is the writer of a book called SuperLife. Published in 2017, Olien goes via particular "life forces" to foresee if a person has what it takes to live a healthier, even more herbal lifestyle.

To live as clean as Darin does, he helps out by including recipes and tips for living similarly to him. If you"re a fan of the documentary, odds are you"d be a fan of SuperLife.

9 You Can Listen To His Podcast

In case you can"t get sufficient of Darin after watching Dvery own to Earth and also reading SuperLife, he also has actually a podactors that he produces as soon as a week: The Darin Olien Sexactly how. Eexceptionally week, Darin interviews a various perkid to have actually an open and honest conversation around lifechanging topics.

Of course, no issue that is on the podcast, the conversation constantly goes earlier to saving the environment and also what we can carry out to make a change. He"s had guests prefer Brandon Jenner, Rich Roll, and Lauren Monroe on board. Fans deserve to subscribe on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and even more.

On Down to Planet, Darin is fascinated by miscellaneous seeds, fruits, and vegetables. He sheds so much light on the beauty of plants and how they have the right to assist the body in more ways than one. He reminds fans that we are what we eat and also we should eat for our health. To assist via his message, he created his very own line of snacks called Barùkas.

Defined as the "healthiest nuts in the civilization," Barùkas Nuts have the highest amount of fiber compared to other nuts, a ton of antioxidants, few calories, and a great amount of protein. Olien likewise sells Barùkas Nuts take a trip packs, trail mix, and ones coated in sea salt!

7 Downfill His App!

A documentary through Zac Efron, a book, a podactors, his own snacks... Is tbelow anything Olien can"t do? On height of it all, he has his own application dubbed 121 Tribe.

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121 Tribe launched this year and also is concentrated around–you guessed it—health. With the application, users deserve to learn brand-new plant-based recipes, fun facts around plants and produce exercise, and even a point called "habit tracking." For 21 days, Oliet sets users up to succeed, and is tbelow eextremely step of the way. New individuals can try the application with a complimentary trial run.

GREENPATH is a technology company that"s trying to make a healthy and balanced impact on Earth. Thunstable their progressed expertise, the firm is producing different technologies to assist with green-living and sustaincapacity. If GREENPATH sounds prefer somepoint Darin would be behind, you"d be correct.

Darin is a companion in GREENPATH as a CMO. With his background in nutrition and also his desire to make the people a far better location, he"s the perfect fit for this modern technology firm.

5 He Took Up Veganism As A Challenge

In the initially episode of Dvery own to Earth, viewers learn that Darin is a vegan. He and Efron talk around protein intake throughout the series given that it"s such a phenomenon in the American diet. Olien reminds Efron that North Americans over-consume protein bereason it"s what they"re told, however we don"t need as a lot as we think.

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According to Men"s Health, Olien went vegan as an individual difficulty to himself. He wanted to view if he was capable of being solid and also able to workout as he was without the amount of protein he was getting from meat. Well, his challenge worked and he"s been vegan ever given that.

At the end of Down to Earth, Olien is frantic as he learns that California"s wildfires were out of control and going straight in the direction of his home. While he was traveling with Zac, he gained the news that his home had shed down. The producers played a voicemail from Darin"s ex-wife expushing her sorrow for him and his home.

As it turns out, Olien was married to Scrubs and Happy Endings star, Eliza Coupe. The couple married in New Zealand in 2014 yet they divorced 4 years later.

3 Zac Heard Of Olin On A Podcast

Darin Olien and Zac Efron come from 2 different people. Olien is nearly 50 while Efron is 32. Efron is a mainstream actor while Olien is a wellness nut. With these huge differences stacked in between them, exactly how did the two strangers become ideal friends?

According to Radio Times, Efron was listening to Rich Roll’s podcast once he had actually Olien on as a guest. Efron loved Olien"s suggest of watch and the 2 met for lunch and instantly clicked. After combining both of their star powers, the 2 linked for this epic eight-part docu-series.

In the eighth episode of Down to Earth, Darin finds out his beautiful home near Los Angelas scorched dvery own in 2018 because of the Woolsey wildfires. Darin was in tears reasoning around his home, his loved ones, and just how the fires were a sign that the Earth was struggling.

Since then, fans wanted to understand wbelow Darin ended up after his residence charred down. Thanks to Instagram, it looks prefer he currently resides in a yurt created by Pacific Yurts. With his dog Chaga, the two are currently safe and sound in their new calm setting.

1 He Teamed Up With Beachbody Workouts

For anyone that loves doing at-house fitness routines and also looks for easy fitness apps, they"ve definitely come across Beachbody workouts. And as it transforms out, Olien has actually his hand in the Beachbody workout also.

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To help those doing the Beachbody workouts, the agency produced a line of shakes referred to as Shakeology. And Darin Olien had a huge hand in this as he"s among the original formulators of the shakes!

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