Can you fee the Asus Transformer (or the more recent Prime) there is no the keyboard dock?

Since the tablet computer itself does no have any kind of USB ports, ns don"t see just how you might charge the tablet without the dock or a very clunky proprietary charging cable. However, It appears insane to manufacture and market a high-end tablet computer that can"t fee without a giant peripheral (and sell/price the thing individually too).

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Am I absent something? Or, is Asus just insane?



It comes with an AC adapter and a charging/data cable which have the right to plug straight into the tablet, despite it walk still use their proprietary cable connection due to the fact that it plugs into the same connector that the keyboard dock provides (the other end is masculine USB).

Using proprietary charging cables is not unheard the - Samsung and also Apple have actually done this; i don"t personally choose it as soon as companies usage proprietary cables, however in this case it"s mostly because the charging/data harbor doubles together the dock connector.

Here"s picture from Engadget"s unboxing/review the the Prime. The AC adapter is in ~ the bottom.


As others have pointed out, the Transformer does call for a proprietary cable because that charging. There space a pair of drawbacks to this.

The gave cable is not very long. Mine Nexus S phone call came with a really lengthy micro-USB cable and also it"s great, because I deserve to plug the call in and also put it up on a high shelf the end of with of the youngsters (who recognize not to touch the wires).The cable is a proprietary plug on one end, and standard USB an equipment plug on the other end. But don"t be fooled: that won"t fee from the PC. The Asus adapter (which is AC-USB power) detects the transformer and also negotiates a higher current/voltage. The Transformer won"t fee in a traditional USB plug. You can, however, use the Asus adapter to charge typical USB gadgets without problems.

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I to be not sure why Asus went through a proprietary cable for charging. I doubt it"s because that port is intended to it is in a multipurpose port for the dock, charging, and accessories, and also that making use of a proprietary port makes all that much easier. But there aren"t really any kind of accessories because that it and anyway they can have included a micro-usb port together with the dock/accessory port.

In any type of case, you would certainly still need the wall surface plug adapter because of the higher power requirements for charging this device.