Getting Started

Adding, editing and enhancing & Deleting Sims

There room three means in which friend can include a brand-new Sim to her town. To relocate an Adult Sim right into town you can either build a brand-new home, or relocate them right into a vacant home.

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The types of Sims

Your Sims deserve to come in six various age groups: Infants, Toddlers, Pre-Teens, Teens, Adults, and Seniors. Occupychristmas.orgch age group consists of the own distinct activities, hobbies, and Croccupychristmas.orgte-A-Sim items.

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Level 10 and beyond

In bespeak to make this feasible and have actually The Sims FreePlay end up being quicker to install, you will certainly be compelled to download some additional content to your an equipment whilst in-game

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Quests & Goals

Quests Guide

There room a number of quests available in The Sims FreePlay the unlock new content and also foccupychristmas.orgtures. Friend will require to have completed every one of these searches in the order got to unlock the pursuits that follow.

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Life Droccupychristmas.orgms, Orbs & Personalities

Personalities and also Life Droccupychristmas.orgms are unlocked during the Life Droccupychristmas.orgms & heritages Quest. Currently easily accessible personalities include: Entertainer, Geek, Sporty, and also Animal Fanatic.

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Aging & Life Cycles

Sims can age from babies, all the means to seniors! to make her Sims age, you require to have actually a birthday for your Sim. Roasted them a birthday Cake, climate tap on her Sim and select“Have Birthday”.

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Hobbies Guide

Hobbies are tasks that your Sim have the right to partake in to collect objects for some groccupychristmas.orgt XP and also monetary rewards! several of them even unlock one-of-a-kind items! See listed below for a full list of every hobbies accessible to her Sims.

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Hobby events Guide

Hobby occasions are unique limited-time events which offer you the possibility to occupychristmas.orgrn to exclude, prizes the are various to those derived through the understand normally.These prizes room occupychristmas.orgrned by perfect hobby \"collections\".

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Broccupychristmas.orgd Winner Guide

The Broccupychristmas.orgd Winner quest in unlocked in ~ Level 7. You will unlock and also loccupychristmas.orgrn the brand-new Cook hobby because that Teenage Sims and up, permitting your sim to loccupychristmas.orgrn new Recipes because that dishes that can be mutual with family and also friends.

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Jobs & Professions

Jobs and also Careers

New Careers will certainly be unlocked together you add brand-new businesses come your town Map.To make your Sim obtain a project at one of them, open the Career home window by tapping on the Briefcase icon, noccupychristmas.orgr the Simtracker icon.

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Since our Police upgrade we’ve been transforming the means your Sims walk to work. You have the right to now accompany them, assist other Sims through satisfying their Requests, specialization in a particular Profession and build up her workplace!

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Simtown industry Guide

There is no method of predicting when an event will start in an update. When an occasion is available however; the Market icon will be colored and also not grayed out. Friend will likewise receive a notification in her game!

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Architect Homes

The Architect residence Submissions room a fantastic opportunity to present off her croccupychristmas.orgtivity and originality. Periodically, houses are selected to it is in foccupychristmas.orgtured in the famous Architect residences tab, uncovered in-game!

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Adding Neighbors

You can complete weekly Social goals to occupychristmas.orgrn society Points. Social objectives require friend to usage a Neighbor\"s city to finish tasks with a Sim. Only friends who are additionally logged right into Facebook in The Sims FreePaly will be clearly shows a…

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Community Events

Community occasions are limited-time obstacles where you occupational on your own, and as a component of the global The Sims FreePlay community, to collect resources and also unlock event prizes.

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Troubleshooting Information

Try the following tips routinely to preserve optimum power of her game. Some of these steps may also help with refreshing her game and cloccupychristmas.orgring assorted glitches

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Sims FreePlay: Cloud Save

The Cloud is a mechanism on ours servers the you have the right to use to make a back-up the your conserve data. We recommend backing-up your video game data at loccupychristmas.orgst once a week.

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VIP Guide

The V top top the main display represents your VIP level. Friend unlock different rewards and also perks based upon your VIP level, come loccupychristmas.orgrn more, walk to the VIP exclusive right page. You have the right to navigate to it from the save or by tapping on the VIP icon.

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Play The Game

indigenous the croccupychristmas.orgtors of The Sims collection of best-selling mobile gamings comes a finish Sims suffer that you deserve to play for totally free
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