In Destiny, I acquired invited to a fireteam. How carry out I leave the fireteam without having to log out? Is it various for different systems?



It counts on wright here you"re leaving from.

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At the Tower

There is a button on your controller that you can press to carry up the Return/Go to Orlittle and Summon Vehicle options. (On PS4, it"s the giant touchpad you have the right to press, and also on the PS3, it"s the Select switch. I"d assume it"s the Back button on the Xbox 360, and the button to the ideal of the left joystick on the Xbox One)

Once you carry it up, there"s an alternative that"ll say "Leave Fireteam".

Via Orbit

You need to have the ability to simply press whatever the cancel button is on whichever before console you"re playing on (B or Circle).

I think I"m absent some even more cases, but these are the 2 that I mainly leave fireteams from.

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answered Sep 17 "14 at 17:08

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While playing:

If you"re the fireteam leader, first promote someone else to leader by picking their name in the fireteam list (the roster) and choosing promote. Then simply go to orlittle and it will certainly drop you out of the fireteam.

(only tested on xbone)

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answered Apr 7 "15 at 22:23

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