Roxanne wants to develop a Word record with artwork locked in location permanently and also then permit the user to type directly on peak of the artwork. She doesn"t desire them to wrongly move the artwork at all, so she is wondering exactly how she have the right to lock the in location permanently.

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There room a pair of different ways the you can technique this problem. One is to simply lock the graphic in place and make certain that it is collection to it is in behind text. Follow these steps:

Place the photo in your document.Right-click the image to display screen a paper definition menu.If you room using indigenous 2007 choose Text wrapping | much more Layout Options. If you are using indigenous 2010 or a later on version, choose much more Layout options from the Wrap message drop-down list. Depending on the form of image that was put in her document, an ext Layout choices may be available near the bottom of the paper definition menu. After girlfriend choose an ext Layout Options, Word display screens a dialog crate whose surname varies depending on the variation of word you space using.Make sure the message Wrapping tab is displayed. (See figure 1.)


figure 1. The message Wrapping tab the the Layout dialog box.

Click the Behind text option.If you room using native 2007 display the photo Position tab. If you are using native 2010 or a later on version, screen the position tab. (See figure 2.)


number 2. The place tab the the Layout dialog box.

Clear the relocate Object with Text inspect box.Set the Lock Anchor inspect box.Click OK.

If you make these settings, native theoretically location the graphics behind her text and also doesn"t move it. Ns say theoretically due to the fact that it is feasible that this won"t occupational in all instances—the graphic is still fairly accessible to a user.

Another technique is come make her graphic even a bit harder to gain to. The easiest way to do this is to location the graphic in one of two people the header or the footer that the page. Girlfriend could, if desired, also collection a watermark for your document, which areas the watermark image (which friend choose) right into the header that the page. You achieve the very same thing and have greater adaptability if you merely insert the graphic in the header or footer yourself.

First, if you are working with a multi-page record and girlfriend don"t desire the graphic to show up on every page, you"ll need to ar a section break before and also after the page on i m sorry you desire the graphic come appear. Then, monitor these general steps:

Place the insertion suggest within the page, making sure it is between the two ar breaks (if you put breaks).Display the Insert tab that the ribbon. Click the Header device in the Header & Footer group, and also then click modify Header. The header is displayed, and also the insertion point is within it. (If you favor to placed the graphic in the footer, use the Footer tool and also click edit Footer.)Make certain the header or footer is not connected to the vault section.Insert the graphic you want to use, adjusting the size and also positioning together desired. Do sure, as well, the the graphic is formatted to appear behind text; you can also adjust brightness that the image, if desired.Click on nearby Header and also Footer (on the style tab the the ribbon).

With the graphic in the header or footer, that is much more daunting for the user to chaos up the graphic, and anything the is typed top top the web page will appear "over" the image. There space a few drawbacks, however. First, that is lot more difficult to have other, systematic information in the header or footer in i beg your pardon the graphic to be placed. Second, if you want the image to appear on a printed output, you"ll need to collection Word"s printing setups so the background images are printed.

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As with countless things in Word, acquiring your graphics to show up exactly as you want, through the wanted relationship between the image and your document text, will certainly take part experimentation. Don"t be surprised if your very first attempts don"t produce what girlfriend want, however through trial and error friend should have the ability to get the pretty darn close.