Compare come making various other genre the end in the market, how hard it is to do a 2D fighting video game in comparison.

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And What is a great engine to start learning fundementals that fighting games before we perform make the dream fighting game.

That dream fighting video game being a video game that brings earlier the flashy, tight balance you acquire from classic capcom fighters choose marvel vs capcom 2 and jojo's bizarre adventure.


Hi, just a 2 cents (am solo indie dev make a traditional 2.5D fighting game, end a year of breakthrough on that so far).

Put simply, no. 2D Fighting gamings are few of the most an overwhelming games to make, if not the hardest. Various other indie devs shun them together their very first game come develop. Though with reasoning. The quantity of work is staggering :

You must produce tons of detailed moves/animations/hit boxes/special fxs/hit fx, it's.....long. Like, very, very...

8 characters roster doesn't reduced it anymore, fighting games have upwards of 20 to 40 characters roster per game. That multiplies the work immensely. People complained of small roster, castle want varied roster, huge roster.

Each character have to be unique and not a clone of an additional (like Ruy, Ken and also Akuma/Scorpion, Sub0, Reptile/Milena, Kitana clones), if they space clone friend must differentiate them a bit.

Fighting gamings that room successes, having beautiful costumed characters, diverse, humans, creature, alien, robot, whatever, the game style of the roster is exceptionally important, your game's appeal depends on that : if your characters roster is uninspired and very plain generic, your video game will suffer in terms of player interest/sales. Thus, her game's character and also graphics Art/Art architecture are important important.

Graphics that course, if Graphics room ugly or cheap dull, the is a tough sell unless the fighting gameplay is Marvelous. Fighting gamings rely on visuals and SFX music.

Solid Music and also SFX are vital for fighting gameplay impact/viscerality, therefore for the 'fun' in the gameplay. A dull level experience does not help, good sound enhances the experience.

Refinement and balancing over and over, so the there room no 'unbalanced' character that is too strong (spam strong hits) or as well weak (useless, KOed therefore quick), just through playthroughs will certainly you uncover these unbalances. You want your character roster to be all about equally capable, if still being different and also having your peculiarities. Favor a strong character, fast one much less powerful, sluggish one much more powerful, one through distance projectiles, one who needs to brawl increase close, etc. This is a lot of balancing your health, the damages they do, and also incur. The much more variety diversity the better, the will median there will certainly be a fighter 'for everyone', every gamer will uncover a distinct character they favor in the roster. Everybody's happy. If you do a tiny unoriginal and also undiversified roster of 8 characters or so, people are forced to select from minimal roster and also may no find any character castle like, that is the danger, we room so offered to huge rosters, that tiny roster looks choose a cheap lowfi knockoff indie fighting game that is trying to contend with AAA budget fighting games... What i'm trying to say is that the ar is unforgiving and also expects ultra quality, also from one indie dev. And, the discrepancy between a indie fighting video game vs AAA fighting game is 'visible', thus world immediately notification your 8 character roster, amplifying the shortcomings of your game being indie micro-budget developed.

indie fighting games are obscure and also unknown, girlfriend must industry it and also the gameplay gift exciting, otherwise no one will recognize or care, to know. Fighting gamings are a vast time invest for players, in stimulate to grasp the personalities in the video game to end up being a pro winning fights, against other veteran agree players. The first questions castle ask themselves : Is this worth learning, investing time and also is over there depth in the game's fighting mechanics to do me learn/practice/train/come back? and will over there be football player Adopting this fighting video game or will it it is in Dead, abandoned/desert(ed), dead fighting community, dead video game soon?

Apparently drawn characters like ARc Sys beforehand games were 10,000$-100,000$ price of hand illustration labor per Character, so that could cost 500,000 to 2 millions for a MUGEN type fighting game.

You deserve to do that hand drawn frames, countless them, tedious, use an engine prefer MUGEN (used for Street Fighter and also many other Japanese 2D fighting games using 2D hand attracted animation), for commercial usage you must pay a MUGEN commercial patent to Elecbyte MUGEN writer company, that is steep, something prefer 5000 come 25,000$ commercial patent fee. Unless you just use the for an individual non-commercial goal, favor hobbyist make a complimentary MUGEN fighting game for the fighting game community.

I suggest don't execute that, rather using 3D models for her characters and use an engine prefer Unity and UFE3D, or Unreal.

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Hope this helps in any way, simply a 2 cents. Sorry because that the length. Many thanks for reading.