Have you ever before functioned via T-shirt yarn? It’s prefer ordinary yarn or wool simply thicker and also tright here are so many things you have the right to perform through it. You deserve to buy it at any type of self-respecting haberdashery or wool shop or you have the right to make your own. I bought 3 ballsa while back on sale and with all the rain we’ve been having it appeared to be the perfect chance to make somepoint. If you follow our blog you may recognize that I have actually a deep fascicountry through the Tree of Life. So with that in mind, I chose to makethis Tree of Life dreamcatcher utilizing the T-shirt yarn and various other bits and pieces.

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T-Shirt Yarn Tree of Life

If you’d prefer to make your own all you require besides the yarn is a big ring or embroidery hoop and also some towel scraps. The ring we offered is from an old lamp shade and actions 38.5 cm throughout.


3 balls of yarn, cloth scraps and a ring

Making the Tree of Life

Start by cutting the yarn into strips that are 2 and a little times the diameter of the ring. You don’t need to meacertain the bits precisely as long as they are twice the size of the diameter.


3 balls of yarn reduced into strips

Take three of the strips and knot them together, then slip them over the ring.


Tie knot and slip over the ring

Plait, or braid the strips together to form a twig and then include another team of strips to create a new twig. Join the twigs together to create a branch.


Plait the strips together

The just point to remember is to try and make each twig and also branch a little different. Trees in nature are not unidevelop, some branches are thinner than others and also branches often cross over each other. To create thinner branches I used a single strand of T-shirt yarn tied to the ring.


Joining the plait branches

Carry on adding twigs and plaiting them together to develop branches until you’re happy through the look. I commonly divide my circle into thirds so I know when to speak making branches.


Work around the ring

Once you have actually enough branches, plait them all together to develop the trunk of the tree. When I make the trunk I plait it a tiny additionally than the 2/3 note. I like a longer trunk, but it’s entirely approximately you.

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Tright here are many branches of learning, yet only the one solid tree trunk of wisdomClick to Tweet

As long as you leave sufficient area for the roots. To make the roots ssuggest split the “trunk” T-shirt strips right into 3 to 5 teams and then plait and also break-up, plait an separation until you deserve to tie them to the “bottom” of the ring. Leave the loose strands.


Splitting the trunk

The tree of life should look somepoint like this, however via your own unique touch